Saturday Night Live Review/Recap- Season 38, Episode 12-Adam Levine, Kendrick Lamar: FEATURING Jerry Seinfeld, Joe Biden’s Inaugural Bash, An SNL Digital Short, And A Musical Rumble!

Zarion: Hello, and welcome to another Saturday Night Live review. I make rambling reviews, then cohesive reviews.

Tigerboy: And I give descriptions.

Zarion: Please enjoy this episode, and review.

Tigerboy: I hope this is a good episode. Finally, Miscellaneous Soup would like to publicly make an announcement. People have lambasted the Verismo Starbucks commercial parody for being racist. We only gave it an “A”, because of the hilarious idea of an artificial intelligence in a coffee machine.

Host: Adam Levine

– Note: This is incredible. He made a cameo in the “Jeremy Renner/Maroon 5″ episode, notably in the prerecorded sketch “Stand Off” and the two musical performances. Wow. Now, he’s returning. He must have hypnotized Lorne Michaels. If he makes jokes about that in the hosting/promos, I called it.

Why He’s Hosting: Three possible reasons. 1) His record label, 222 Records. 2) He was in a movie that comes out this year, entitled Can A Song Save Your Life? 3) His job as a musician coach on NBC’s The Voice, aka The Great American Idol Rip-off. I predict jokes about that.

Musical Guest: Kendrick Lamar

Why He’s Playing: Again, two possible reasons. 1), his upcoming collaborative  album with J. Cole. 2). His newly-released album, good kid, m.A.A.d city.

Cold Opening- “Inauguration Night”

-“Rambling Guy”: Was that a cameo? Wow, right off the bat. Dream sequences? Cool! Kenan is Martin Luther King, Jr. Why is he talking about Beyonce? I’m confused. “And I care, why? #Jayz is one lucky man” “What’s up with Michelle’s bangs?” ‘Do you have any serious advice for me?” Magicians? One Direction? “Probably not, probably not.” “I’ve got to go visit Cornel West and tell them to take it down about 30 notches.” Yay, they broke the fourth wall! B-

-Regular Review: This could have been better. I was hoping for a sketch where Martin Luther King, Jr. insulted Barack Obama. Some funny points, but better things could have been done with the concept.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Barack Obama meets the ghost of Martin Luther King, Jr.


-“Rambling Guy”: PLEASE, no singing. PLEASE. Please!!!!!!!! He looks like Seth Meyers. Maroon 5 was mentioned. “Overreach and try acting.” Funny. Yup, the Voice was mentioned. ANDY SAMBERG!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO! “I could ask myself the same question.” “One of literally tens of jokes I could tell you.” “I was in over a hundred Digital Shorts as well as three live sketches.” He’s a bad singer. Wait, who’s that? Who just appeared? Why is she singing? Is she another judge? Wait, it’s Cameron Diaz. Blech. Why is she telling him to strip? Why is Andy Samberg also telling him to do that? I wonder if Samberg will appear in another sketch. WH’s that? JERRY SEINFELD!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO! He said it similar to how he said “Hello, Newman!” “Not as Jewish as your name…” Ewww…People should not strip on TV. SO MANY CAMEOS!!!!!!!! B

-Regular Review: I liked the majority of this, with a parody of The Voice. The lack of any singing was good. Samberg and Diaz telling Levine to strip did not make me laugh.

-Tigerboy’s Description:

Rosetta Stone :

-“Rambling Guy:” “Me gusta los Camerones”. “I’m learning Thai.”  ‘Ping ping ball!” ‘I need to speak with the American embassy.” C- (Updated, because someone told me why it was funny)

-Regular Review: This was, for the most part, confusing. After asking a friend, I realized what was going on.

-Tigerboy’s Description: People learn Thai to do dirty things. Not recommended for watching.

Gay Network- Circle Work With Tracy Allstar and Todd Anthony:

-“Rambling Guy”: Ew. Dirty joke. This seems like it might be offensive. Eww….It seems too much like a different sketch from last season, when Charles Barkley hosted. What does the phrase “beard” mean? This sketch is dirty. “This show is only four hours long.” Jason Sudeikis makes his first appearance in the episode. This seems like Seth McFarlane humor. I’m confused. What are they spelling? I think it’s a sentence. I’m confused. F

-Regular Review: The entire thing confused me.

-TIgerboy’s Description: Quote from the sketch, “gay people help their straight friends with problems.”

Sopranos Diaries: 

-“Rambling Guy”: Another commercial party. SOPRANOS DIARIES??? This looks funny. Wait…this is just stereotypical high school things said in Italian accents. I thought it was mob bosses in high school. “Should be just do another one?” I’m not laughing. This isn’t funny. “Shameful resucitation of an American classic.” D+

-Regular Review: As soon as I saw the title, I had a way different view of what was going to happen. The fake quotes were funny, but the sketch was not.

-Tigerboy’s Description: It’s the Sopranos- in high school!

New Haven Fire Department Fundraiser:

-“Rambling Guy”: Bill Hader’s voice in this sketch reminds me of Stefon. It reminds me of someone affected by helium. It’s impressive that he can do that. I can do weird voices, but not really like helium-affected voices. “Shun him! Shun him! Shun him!” Nancy Drew reference. “And you threw hot tea in my face.” Rude word. This is just annoying. His voice is now just annoying. His dancing looks like someone crying. His voice is grating on my nerves. Usually I like Bill Hader’s comedy, but not now. A dog is attacking him….Good dog, he was annoying. Attacking him was a good idea. Why are people laughing at his coat? He’s not leaving, he’s just moving, and pretending to shrink. F–

-Regular Review: Bill Hader’s voice annoyed me. Yeah, we get it, there’s a ‘drama queen’ at a fundraiser. The characters were interchangeable, and this could have easily happened in a yard sale, or a restuarant.

-Tigerboy’s Description: I don’t even know.

An SNL Digital Short- “You Only Live Once” 

-“Rambling Guy:” WOOOO! They’re back! Okay, people dancing. What’s going on? Okay. You Only Live Once. Titanium suits? This is catchy. I can’t really tell what they’re saying. “Hire a taster!” Furniture are killing machines? Who’s that? Is it Kendrick Lamar? He did say he wanted to be in a sketch. “YOLO. Say no no.” B+

-Regular Review: YEAH! They’re back, if only for this episode. I enjoyed the Digital Short. It made me laugh.

-Tigerboy’s Description: You only live once, so don’t take risks! Or was it DO take risks?

Musical Performance #1:

-“Rambling Guy”: Do I detect auto-tune? No, I do not. I like the voices. I also enjoy the percussion. I find the music. Okay. He is singing “Swimming Pool (Drank.)” The lyrics are very bad, and swear-filled. I looked it up. C-


Weekend Update:

-“Rambling Guy”: I hope Stefon appears. Yup, inaugural jokes. “One year anniversary of my girlfriend’s I had a weird dream” speech.” Funny Twitter joke. “Borrows money from you.” Oh..Ariana Huffington. I’ve never liked her appearing. Eww….This seems offensive to Europeans. “And no one hates women more than other women.” “Oprah and whoever Oprah likes.” “Seth, you sound stupid.” EWwww…..Cool! iPads, Zoons, baboons! “You’re still in Philadelphia.” Eww…..”Baristas do have the key to the safe.” Ray Louis? Okay, some football person. Yay, Kenan! “It’s just, I’ve never heard that song before.” “…to block out the sound of my own screams.” “I can’t get this paint off my face!” “It’s not a lake.” “No roads are closed to Ray Louis!” This segment is funny. “And then I’m going to ascend into heaven.” His dancing is amusing. Funny New York library joke. Funny Guy Fieri joke. No Stefon….Awww…Darn. B+

-Regular Review: Pretty good, for the most part. Kenan’s Ray Louis made me laugh, while Ariana Huffington annoyed me. I wonder what the people at the Huffington Post think about this recurring segment. The lack of Stefon was annoying.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Seth Meyers tells jokes, and talks with Ray Louis and Ariana Huffington.

Maroon 5/Train Musical Rumble:

-“Rambling Guy”: Okay, it looks like Adam Levine is playing himself. Who’s Train? This looks funny. “Drops of blood in the outer sphere….” “Or you WIIILLL be dead.” This looks funny. I HATE the song that’s playing right now. “Oh, no, look’s like they’re dancing.” Is that Gangnam Style? “Are you using that lady as a human shield?” “Are you dressing that old guy to look like you so I’ll fight him instead?” Who just came in? Is that a banjo? I like the banjo. Ewww…”You must remember where you left your chunky bracelets.” Bill Hader! “They say he’s legally insane.” “Doo ba doo ba do died.” “I don’t know where the blowfish are.” This sketch will not be on Hulu. A-

-Regular Review: This made me laugh, because it was bizarre.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Maroon 5 and Train get into a ‘musical rumble.’

MTV- Catfish, the TV Show: 

-“Rambling Guy”: I’m confused. What’s Catfish? “I believe that dogs have human souls.” I believe that about my dog. “Or any people who know him besides me.” It’s nice to see Aidy Bryant in a sketch. “No, Google.” “…is actually a cartoon house from The Jetsons.” “Is this reaction positive or negative? You can’t tell!” “No, I follow their trucks around, and take packages off of people’s doorsteps.” D-

-Regular Review: I didn’t like Me’s continuous use of his name. After I looked it up, the concept for this sketch  became slightly more clear. For a parody, this could have been better.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Not sure what happened. Sorry.

Musical Performance #2:

“Rambling Guy”: Let’s hope the lyrics are more appropriate. Once again, the relaxing feel of the music. Once again, the background voices, but not as annoying as when fun does it. Okay, he is singing “Poetic Justice.”, and the lyrics are dirty. C-

Janet And Adam:

-“Rambling Guy”: OKay, is this a CSI parody? “I look like E.T. when they dress him up like a lady.” This isn’t funny. I’m reminded too much of one of Horatio Sanz’s old characters, Carol. “90% of my diet is peach Snapple” I’m not laughing. Her pft noise is annoying. Wait…I think this was that sketch from the episode with Peyton Manning. The same character. Maybe not. Bobby Moynihan isn’t funny right now. Ewwww….D-

-Regular Review: Not funny

-Tigerboy’s Description: Adam Levine has a creepy meeting with a fan of his band.

Biden Bash: 

“Rambling Guy”: This looks good…Yay, Joe Biden! “Do you think you can jump higher than me?” “..kung fu exhibition…” “Neil Diamond….impersonator….of the year….” Was that the s word, uncensored? “Wait until I take the mike and let the GOP have it!” What kind of hat is he wearing? Was that a Cops reference? “What happens in Deleware?” B-



Goodnights: Yup, I was right; Cameron Diaz, Jerry Seinfeld, and Andy Samberg made cameos.

Closing Comments: This episode could have been better. The throwaway lines were better than the actual sketches themselves. It was nice to see a Digital Short again. It’s still stuck in my head….I’m going to watch it again.

Best Sketch: “Adam Levine/Train Musical Rumble”

Worst Sketch: New Haven Fire Department Fund Raiser

Worst Commercial Parody: Rosetta Stone

Best Commercial Parody: Bash

Overall Rating: C—–


One thought on “Saturday Night Live Review/Recap- Season 38, Episode 12-Adam Levine, Kendrick Lamar: FEATURING Jerry Seinfeld, Joe Biden’s Inaugural Bash, An SNL Digital Short, And A Musical Rumble!

  1. It was an excellent episode last night; much better than last weeks episode.
    The musical performance was terrible, very annoying.
    I really liked the Rosetta Stone commercial, creepy but funny.
    I also really enjoyed the “New Haven Fire Department Fundraiser”, that was very funny.

    I would give this episode an “A”.

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