Review: 30 Rock, Season Seven, Episodes 12/13: “Hogcock!”/”Last Lunch!”m *MINOR SPOILERS*

I have watched the episodes multiple times in my free time, ensuring my ability to catch all of the little jokes. There’s Jenna Maroney looking into the camera, saying she never met Mickey Rourke. There’s Jack Donaghy, saying that he has vanquished Alec Baldwin. Liz Lemon’s bizarre internet flame war with her husband. Kenneth’s list of “No-No” words, which includes “immortal being”, “show within a show'”, and more. All I can truly say is that this was a fitting finale, Lutz should have eaten at Plumpies, and that I wish Rachel Dratch had made an appearance. (Or that there was a meta-joke referencing the unaired pilot) A


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