Saturday Night Live Review/Recap- Justin Timberlake (HOST/MUSICAL GUEST): FEATURING The Five-Timer’s Club and Stefon!

Zarion: Rambling. Regular.

Tigerboy: Description:

Zarion: And that wraps up seeing how much we can describe  the reviews in as little words as possible.

Last Minute Predictions:



Host: Justin Timberlake

Musical Guest: Justin Timberlake

Why He’s Playing/Hosting: His album, 20/20 Experience, Suit & Tie, having something to do with the Super Bowl, DIRECTV Super Saturday Night, 55th Grammy Awards appearance

Cold Opening-”C-Span: Memorial Service for Hugo Chavez”:
-”Rambling Guy”: Hmmm. Well, let’s hope that this is tasteful. Who’s Rocket Man? TIny Dancer? Lion King? Who are these people? Oh, Elton John. Nicknames. Looks like Taram Killam playing him. His imitation makes me laugh. I like funny songs. Let’s hope this is funny. “And you liked to wear a sash.” “You called George Bush the devil…” Really? Or is this a song parody? I’ll just pretend it is. “Two pistols at a press conference” This is funny! “Kidnapping capital of the world….increased milk production by 50 percent.” Never mind. Justin Timberlake is imitating him. I like his imitation, it’s better than Horatio Sanz’s. Yeah, now that I think of  it, he doesn’t really sound like Taran Killam. B+
-Regular Review: This was mildy amusing in the way that it showcased Chavez’s controversial decisions, and the song was amusing.
-Tigerboy’s Description: Elton John sings for Hugo Chavez.

-”Rambling Guy”: Yes, once again, someone is impersonating Don Pardo. He broke his hip. It’s sad. What will happen when he can no longer work on the show? It’s already no longer live when he announces. Oh, well. I hope the Five-Timer’s Club will appear. I really do…Wow, he changed costumes quickly. What check? Counting on his fingers…Funny. “Inevitably let everyone down thanks to overally high expectations.” YES! CLUB! WOOOOO! CAMEOS!! WOOOO! PAUL SIMON!!!!!!!!! WOOOO! Justin is much taller than him….STEVE MARTIN!!! WOOOOO! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! “Well, Justin Timberlake…” Who’s Joey Fatone? “So, you play banjo?” Steve is hilarious. “Oh, so not everything.” Even his inflectio n is funny. DAN AYKROYD!!!!! Steve just laughs…”You’re adorable.” “Let’s keep the chit-chat to a minimun, Danny.” Kristen is a drink? Gilly is a drink?? Everything Steve says is hilarious! Hall of Portraits!! CHEVY!!! CHEVY!!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!! HAHHAAH! “Just send the bill to me, Mr….Steve Martin.” “No, it’s on purpose.” “Exactly.” MARTIN SHORT!!!!!! Hilarious spit-take….Three Amigos?? COOL! What salute? HAHAAHHA! ALEC BALDWIN! TOM HANKS!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! “Gouge his eyes, Taran!” “Finish him, Bobby!” “I killed my friend!” “No sudden fits of rage…” CANDICE BERGEN!!!! WOOOO!  “I go in the sink!” A++++++++++++++++++
-Regular Review: Best sketch of the night. EVERYTHING Steve Martin said was funny.
-Tigerboy’s Description: Justin Timberlake joins the Five-Timer’s Club.

It’s A Date!:
-”Rambling Guy”: “The only dating game show still on TV!” “And I feel awful!” This seems good. Hooray for Bobby Moynihan! Bill Hader’s laugh is evil! NOOOOO! NOOO! Not this….At least Samberg is here…I hate those characters. I have no idea what they’re saying. WOOOOOO! WILD AND CRAZY GUYS!!!! “Two wild and crazy guys!” This is the second time they’ve met different characters. The others were the Roxbury Guys. “That sounds okay.” Ewwww…”Seriously?” “We will have many bottles of sparkly wine from Long Island!” ‘Which we own….for work.” Eww….”Oh, I’m going to lose.” This isn’t going to be appropriate…”Do you guys hear the questions beforehand?” “Hewey and Louie and Dewy- DuckTales!” Ewww….Ewww…”Thirty-seven years!” Ewwww….I don’t think that is a known fact. First, they mention drugs. Then, they say to stay in school! “It’s called fun!” “Shut up!” Ewww… C
-Regular Review: I liked seeing the different SNL characters meet each other, but it could have been less dirty.
-Tigerboy’s Description: The D*** In The Box Guys, the Wild and Crazy Guys, and a random person all compete on a game show.

-”Rambling Guy”: Oh, dear…This isn’t going to be good….EWWW…F
-Regular Review: Creepy sketch.
-Tigerboy’s Description: It’s a new kind of….Actually, I have no idea what it is.

Musical Performance #1:
-”Rambling Guy”: Cool! Timberlake is introducing his own performance! Okay, he’s playing “Suit & Tie.” And, he just mentioned SNL. Okay, the lyrics are dirty. I like the music, and he is a relatively good singer. Also, Jay-Z is singing. I don’t know who he is. However, that does not factor into the grading system.  So, C-.
-Regular Review: See “Rambling Guy.”
-Tigerboy’s Description: Justin Timberlake, his band, and Jay-Z sing/play “Suit & Tie.”

Weekend Update:
-”Rambling Guy”: Stefon, COME ON! “I’m guessing, on an island shaped like a skull.” “Dude, just mind your own business for a while!” “Which in pesos, works out to infinity.” Hmm..Star Wars. HAHA! Jar Jar Binks! Even I get that reference! Chewbacca is bald…Hahahaha. Ewww….EWWWWW…..EWWWW…..I get that…”And a man in jail was disappointed to get a cake that was just Elmo.” Ewww…..”The clock on your oven will be wrong for six months.” STEFON!!!!! FINALLY!!!! WOOOOOOO! “This job writing for Smash is killing me.” Marriage? I wish I could type inflections. “90 miles per hour down the freeway…” “You may want to hear Jasper the Gorilla pass a kidney stone.” “My wallet! Yeah, right!” “New York’s hottest club is Your Mother And I Are Separating.” “those shoes that nurses wear” “Donald Duck having a Vietnam nightmare.” “If you’re looking to get hurt or go completely insane….” BREAKING CHARACTER!!! “Located in a haunted diaper!” Human fanny pack? “And holds your passport in his mouth.” “And ‘Why not?” “To kill her?” Stefon has a Five-Timer’s club??’” It’s over? That was a short Weekend Update. “From Weekend Update, I’m the future Mrs. Stefon Meyers.” A
-Regular Review: Almost everything was funny.
-Tigerboy’s Description: Seth Meyers

The Tales of Sober Caliguli:
-”Rambling Guy”: Yay, a historical parody! Ewww….EWWWW……EWWWWWWWWW…… “Game night!” Ewwww… EWWWWW……I’m just going to stop saying “Ew”, because this is obviously going to get much worse. “Everyone should be writing down the names of three celebrities and putting them in this helmet.” F
-Regular Review: Bad sketch.
-Tigerboy’s Description: Caliguli tries to give up his evil ways.

Maine Justice:
-”Rambling Guy”: Oh, not again. This sketch is offensive. ANDY SAMBERG! WOOO! I have to say, the music and cartoon alligator make me laugh. Finally, Jason! He hasn’t been in this episode, until now. “Actually, I am, I went to LSU.” They ARE Southern! How do they not like people from the South??? The alligator came….I foresee death. “Look, he think’s he’s a judge, too.” They’re spoon-feeding it! “Southern Yankee!” That’s an oxymoron, I think. “That’s my sentence? I’m going to eat donuts?” Eww…That’s disgusting. Not the quote, what they said after that. D-
-Regular Review: Offensive sketch.
-Tigerboy’s Description: Maine Justice investigates another court case.

Musical Performance No. 2:
-”Rambling Guy”: Cool! The Three Amigos are introducing him! Okay, good singing. I like the music. The song is…I have no idea. So, that category is suspended. A
-Regular Review: See “Rambling Guy.”
-Tigerboy’s Description: Justin Timberlake and his band play/sing “Mirrors.”

She’s Got A D***:
-”Rambling Guy”: Okay, a movie preview. Typical stupid movie. Nasim Pedrad is doing a good job. Ewwww….. “Eugene Levy, an adorable brunette” F
-Regular Review: I am not reviewing this.
-Tigerboy’s Description: I am not describing this.

Moet & Chandon Champagne:
-“Rambling Guy”: Not again….It’s these people….. “Other champagnes are too ‘spensive.;” “sussessful surgery, bubbles, promotions” “You’ll think you just graduated manga cum laude-ly.” “I got cut in half for real at a magic show.” Ewwww…. D-
-Regular Review: Weird, bad recurring characters.
-Tigerboy’s Description: Two ex-(bleep) stars sell champagne.

-”Rambling Guy”: I was right. Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Jay-Z, Candice Bergen, and Andy Samberg cameod.
-Regular Review: N/A
-Tigerboy’s Description: N/A

Closing Comments: Don Pardo still wasn’t here. That was sad. There seemed to be a lot of references to ducks in the sketches. “Hewey, Dewey, Louie. DuckTales, Donald Duck having Vietnam nightmares.” I liked seeing the cameos, but the majority of this episode could have been better.

Best Sketch: “Monologue”

Worst Sketch: “Moet and Chandon Champagne”

Best Commercial Parody: N/A

Worst Commercial Parodies: “She’s Got A D***” and “NuvaBling” tie.

Overall Rating: C-/70.1%


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