Super Villain Chat Room: Episode 1: Formulations

Today, Miscellaneous Soup introduces a new (hopefully) recurring feature…After many sessions of Googling to see what chat rooms actually are, we have found evidence of a chilling plot to destroy all of humanity. The first portion can be found here. Enjoy, but beware. This is all real.

You have entered the Super Villain Chat Room. Please be courteous and read the rules. (Note from Miscellaneous Soup: Rules can be found here. 1. Be polite. 2. No swearing. 3. You were never here. 4. Your screen name must not be your supervillain name.)

StrummingVillainy has entered the Chat.

StrummingVillainy: NANANANANA! AIR GUITAR!                                                                                                       10:48 am

LogicLord: Oh, would you shut up?! We’re already sick of your nonsense, and you’ve just entered.                     10:48 am

PrincessPutrid: Calm down. We need to discuss what to do about our enemies.                                                        10:48 am

StrummingVillainy: AIR GUITARS! DOODODODOODODODODODO!                                                                      10:49 am

StrummingVillainy has been teleported out of the lair.

Mucus: What was that for?                                                                                                                                                      10:49 am

DumbMuscle: I wanted to discuss the various merits of Jimmy Hendrix with him!                                                 10:49 am

LogicLord: Oh, please. He never would have cooperated.                                                                                               10:49 am

PrincessPutrid: @Dumb: He’ll come back.                                                                                                                         10:49 am

DumbMuscle: DON’T CALL ME DUMB!                                                                                                                            10:50 am

Techy: Excuse me, but I have found a problem with your newest project. @Slug



Where are you?

LogicLord: Stop spamming! Also, can we deactivate the time? It’s crucial that if any hackers come in, they have no idea when we’re plotting.

Time deactivated.

StrummingVillainy has entered the Chat.

StrummingVillainy: NANANANANANAN!

LogicLord: Again??

StrummingVillainy: INTRO PHRASE, DUDE!


PrincessPutrid: Can we concentrate on our mission? They have to be destroyed!

Tom: Destroyed? Like all of you when I beat you at checkers?

PrincessPutrid: ……

That didn’t even make sense.

Why are you here?


StrummingVillainy: Harsh, man.

Tom: I have a plan to eliminate the heroes.

Mucus: Really? “Heroes?”

That’s stereotypical talk.

Call them “nuisances.”

Tom: Hypocrite.

Mucus: Loser.

Tom has been teleported from the chat room.

Mucus has been teleported from the chat room.

DumbMuscle: I give up.

DumbMuscle has exited the chat room.


StrummingVillainy has exited the chat room.

Techy: Sludge?

SludgeMaster90: Yes?

Techy: Your designs for a robot frog have some errors. Flamethrowers in the mouth would mostly likely fry you.

SludgeMaster90: Nuts.

Can you help me?

NotARabidGoose has entered the Chat.

NotARabidGoose: Hello, fellow banjo music enthusiasts!



This isn’t the right spot…

LogicLord: INTRUDER! *determines location*

NotARabidGoose: Oh, wow. Cool roleplay! What’s that beeping noise?

LogicLord: *activates drones*

NotARabidGoose: HOLY (censored)!!!!! A MISSILE IS HEADED FOR MY HOUSE!

LogicLord: *deactivates missiles* Excellent. Intruder terminated. Now, as I was saying, we need to formulate a plan.

PrincessPutrid: I have an idea. We get a death ray

LogicLord: No, no, no! Too cliche! How many villains have already done one of those? Have they ever worked?

Techy: Excuse me. @Sludge

SludgeMaster90: Bye. Some heroes have appeared. Need to start my monologue.

SludgeMaster90 has exited the chat room.

PrincessPutrid: How about Weapon Z?

LogicLord: I do not know what that is.

PrincessPutrid: Hypnotizing random bystanders.

LogicLord: What would that do?

PrincessPutrid: Sleeper agents, hostages.

LogicLord: Modify it to work on random heroes.

I will attempt to make sure that our enemies need more members.

PrincessPutrid: Then, I’ll make sure our agents get into the team. Instant mole.

LogicLord: Report back when you have made progress.

PrincessPutrid: I will. PP out.

PrincessPutrid has left the chat room.

LogicLord: Perfect. And no one suspects a thing….

LogicLord has exited the chat room.

///Hack initialized/////

YouNoPoo: Idiots. They never knew I was here the whole time….I love hacking through here! We need a mole of our own….I’ve got it!

//Hack deactivated/////

You have left left the chat room.



Next Time:

-More on the hacker!

-More on the plan!

-Who are the enemies??


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