Saturday Night Live Season 38, Episode 18: Vince Vaughn(HOST), Miguel (MUSICAL GUEST): FEATURING

Zarion: Hi. Welcome to another review.

Tigerboy: Hooray!

Host: Vince Vaughn

Why He’s Hosting: The film The Internship.

Musical Guest: Miguel

Why He’s Playing: The new album “Kaleidoscope Dream.”

Cold Opening-“A Message From The President Of The United States

-“Rambling Guy”: Yay! Gun control. I’ve been following this. “To begin debating the idea.” Jason and Bill! Yeah! “He’s going to lose his job!” “He’s going to lose his job, too.” I like political comedy. “Are you a good person? Seriously, are you?” This is funny. Vending machines? “Buy two pizzas, get a free gun.” “Well, except on weekends, and the Super Bowl.” Trouble with Florida? Uh, oh. “They will literally throw it up in the air and shoot it with a gun. I’ve seen it. C-Span gets a little rowdy sometimes.” Yeah, I heard about the Jay-Ze thing. B+

-Regular Review: This was funny, but it seemed a little short. Also, all of the jokes were on the same subject, but still amusing.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Barack Obama speaks about gun control to the U.S.


-“Rambling Guy”: Well, Don Pardo sounds back to normal….Unless it’s a recording. Oh, well. You know, I’ve always thought of the monologues as the host playing a fictionalized version of themselves. It’s more amusing that way. He seems older in comparison to his first time hosting. This does not seem amusing, so far. Caged animals? He’s going to step in the audience? I predict cameos, or cast members playing audience members, or writers. “I like your face.” “And if you were daydreaming” I wonder if these aren’t plants. Oh, well. “Or just got the ankle bracelet off.” I’m not very amused, so far. Ewww…..”I don’t want a lawsuit.” “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” Okay, this is getting funnier. Drunk Uncle reference. “I’m not saying he’s not a mule.” Poor Paige. “I’ve fallen in love with Paige.” C

-Regular Review: I found this to not be very funny. It’s just him saying random things to the audience, and not very funny things at that. Some parts are funny, but, for the most part, it’s confusing and annoying.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Vince Vaughn tries to make the audience feel good.

The Al Pacino Accused Murders Biopic Series:

-“Rambling Guy”: Hmmmm…Biopics. That’s a funny wig. I like Bill Hader‘s Al Pacino impression. He’s just doing the same voice, which makes it funnier. “That Italian ferry captain” I don’t like the blackface he’s using. C+

-Regular Review: Most of it was amusing, but I didn’t like the blackface.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Bill Hader’s Al Pacino has a new series on HBO.

Stormy Skies:

-“Rambling Guy”: “At nine, its’ “Oh, no torna-“. Okay, a Weather Channel soap opera. Eww….”Let’s go to him now. Tad?” I find this funny, but only slightly. Eww…EWWW….I really hope this doesn’t become a recurring sketch. “Who appears to be back from the dead.” Oh, my. She’s saying some really nasty things. “Your intestines as a necklace.” “Record levels of amnesia” Aidy Bryant is in the background, dancing. YAY! Kenan is playing Al Roker. Eww…C+

-Regular Review: COncept was good, but I didn’t like the crude humor.

-Tigerboy’s Description: A soap opera made by Weather Channel people.

Rock And Roll Margaret Thatcher Tribute:

-“Rambling Guy”: Wait, what’s this? Oh. Punk music things. For the first time in a while, things are picking up for Fred Armisen. I don’t appreciate the reference to Margaret Thatcher. It’s offensive. I realize that this is supposed to be a tribute, but I just don’t like it. Armisen’s British accent reminds me of Jimmy Fallon’s British accent. C-

-Regular Review: See above.

-Tigerboy’s Description: I don’t know.

Short Term Memory Loss Theater:

-“Rambling Guy”: Okay, this seems good, so far. “Never forget a certain word” Okay…the joke is that they can’t remember their lines. I thought it would be something else. This doesn’t seem very funny. This does not live up to Tom Hank‘s “Mr. Short Term Memory.” That was funny, this is just rude. Bill Hader is breaking character, slightly. F

-Regular Review: See above.  Really, I don’t know. Maybe I would find this funny in another time.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Actors with short-term memory loss have problems acting in a play.

Musical Performance #1:

-“Rambling Guy”: I’m hoping that the episode will get better here. Okay, I like the instrumentals. The singing seems relatively good. Now for the lyrics. They are appropriate, and he is singing “Adorn.” Abecause it’s most likely the only one this episode is going to get.

-Regular Review: See above.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Miguel plays “Adorn.”

Weekend Update With Seth Meyers:

-“Rambling Guy”: Please, please, PLEASE let the sketches get better here. PLEASE. “He is NOT happy we forgot.” “ANd he must have his finger on America’s pulse if he knows cool words like hokum.” Chucks? Oh, his shoes. Weird Rick Ross joke. “That’s an ice cream man hitting on you.” Brad Paisley and LL Cool Jay. Finally, some Jason Sudeikis. “I’m not sure you ended racism.” “It’s not even good.” This is getting very racist. Okay, my hopes are getting crushed. “You did not cure racism.” “We spent eleven minutes writing that song!” Clown car..funny. I heard about that. Poor elephant. “The heebie-jeebies.” I heard about that Charlie Brown guy. Funny joke. “You never forget the night a German man played clicking noises while you tried to sleep.” “He’s still a monster.” I heard about the weird puppets. Marina Chapman, raised by monkeys. Prediction: Mr. Peepers, played by Chris Kattan will cameo. “What is a monkey alarm?” Eww.. The monkey bath doesn’t sound very fun. Ewww…..”I mean, probably?” “We will rip off your face.” That’s one talented monkey actor. Ewww…Actually, my dog eats his own poop. Still, yuck. C-

-Regular Review: Could have been better.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Seth Meyers makes jokes, talks with Brad Paisley, LL Cool Jay, and Marina Chapman.

Weird Old Man At A Prom:

-“Rambling Guy”: Okay, a prom. Yeah, I’ve heard that junior proms are happening now. Okay, a rich man donated money to their prom, and he lives in a hill above their house. Sounds weird, and not very funny. Okay, he wants to dance with Bobby Moynihan’s character. Okay, it’s going to happen again, with Taran Killam’s character. He’s being really mean. D

-Regular Review: This isn’t funny.

-Tigerboy’s Description: A weird old  man crashes a prom.

NBC Sports Offices:

-“Rambling Guy”: Okay, making fun of themselves. That should be good. This is slightly funny. “Could we hear it with just the music?” This concept isn’t as funny. I just imagined weird songs for NBC. They can’t stop singing…..”I say we make it look more like a dump.” That’s a huge bottle of lighter fluid. “We did it again!” D-

-Regular Review: The writing felt off, and I didn’t like the acting.

-Tigerboy’s Description: A new song for NBC’s NBA is shown.

Musical Performance #2:

-“Rambling Guy”: I like the music. The singing is not annoying. He is singing “How Many Drinks”, and the lyrics are not appropriate. C+

-Regular Review: See above.

-Tigerboy’s Description: Miguel plays “How Many Drinks.”

At A Bar:

-“Rambling Guy”: Ewww….Does anyone else think that her voice sounds like Melissa McCarthy? Ewww..I really don’t like this. F

-Regular Review:

-Tigerboy’s Description:


-“Rambling Guy”: I was right. No one cameod.

-Regular Review: N/A

-Tigerboy’s Description: N/A

Closing Comments: This episode was terrible. I didn’t like the writing, or the acting.

Best Sketch: “Cold Opening”

Worst Sketch: Everything else.

Best Commercial Parody: N/A

Worst Commercial Parody: All of them.

Overall Rating: D-


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