Previously On Miscellaneous Soup…

Zarion looked up from his desk in the the Miscellaneous Soup headquarters.

“Hello?” he said. “Is someone at the door?”

Tigerboy walked in. “Obviously, yes. I just knocked.”

“Are you here for the script meeting?” Zarion questioned.

“Yeah.” Tigerboy dumped a rubber chicken, ten thousand pieces of paper, a bloody eyeball, and a meerkat. “Also, the pants are coming.”

Zarion looked up from the meerkat. “The what?”

The light glinted, making Tigerboy look evil. “The pants!” He leaped at Zarion with an ax, and-

“AHHH!” Zach woke up. He looked around his messy, book-strewn room. “What just happened? That was a horrible dream. Why would I ever end Miscellaneous Soup?” He looked around, and saw the Grim Reaper Cookie in his fish bowl.

“Hello, victim!” G.R.C. said, and slashed at Zach with a scythe!!

“AAAHHHHGGHH!” Zarion woke up in his office. Several workers looked inside, shrugged, and went back to work. One of them grumbled something about Tater Tots.

What the heck is going on???? Zarion thought. I dreamed that Tigerboy, Syrika, Some Hobo, and I were all fictional characters. Everyone I knew wasn’t real, and then some weird person called Zachary Krishef decided to end Miscellaneous Soup….Wait…I’ve met Zachary Krishef at a rodeo in Alaska…..Wait… He snapped out of his inner monologue and looked around. Why am I on the set of The Office??? AAAHHHHGGGGGGG!!!

Blogception: Coming to DVD and Bluray never….Spin the top and see if this is a dream…..That’s the only thing I know about from the movie Inception….I saw it in a MAD parody……

Next on the soap opera “Previously on…Miscellaneous Soup”:

“I’ve been captured by alien-eating pants!” Zarion screamed. Suddenly, a network executive appeared.

“Your show has been cancelled!” he growled menacingly. “Also….I AM A PANTS!!!!!”

Even later on “Previously On…Miscellaneous Soup”:

There was once a squirrel named Fred

He flew into a tree and it killed him dead!

So much later on “Previously On…Miscellaneous Soup”:

Here’s the story of a very creepy blog

That had three very disturbing jokes

Involving dead squirrels, Inception, and pants

They’re real, I tell you!


Here’s the story, of a guy named Zachy

Who prefers to be called Zach or Zachary

There was a room filled with books

WHat could he possibly do after he read them all?? (Besides get some more- Shout out to my libraries!)


Till the day Zach realized that existed, and he decided to make a blog

ANd he knew it was a way to make weird jokes, puns, stories, and song parodies that don’t fit the tune of the real song

Maybe it was intentional, JUSt Liek teh TYPOS and random CapitaliZation, and they became Miscellaneous Soup

Yes, the Miscellaneous Soup bunch! They’re funnier than the Bradies by a mile! (But don’t tell anyone! Wait, what?)


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