(Fake) Advertisement: Marvel Comics’s The Bar With No Name

Hey, friend. You just got beat up by Spider-Man? Thor smash you with his hammer?  One of those other heroes from DC smashed you to a pulp? It’s okay, relax. We have the place for YOU!

Marvel Comics Picture To Be Used For A Blog Post

Yesiree, the Bar With No Name* is your place to shine! Got a problem? Vent about it to our certified psychologist, Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Yeah, she’s insane AND from another comic company, but we believe in shared worlds. Want to vent in…other ways? Visit our cloning lab, run by Dr. Miles Warren.

Another Blog Post Image

Okay, sure he looks a bit insane. What do you expect? Villains, duh! He can make mindless clones of your most hated enemies, so you can kill them! Thirsty? Try some of our finest alcohol, or, for our less inebriated clients (lookin’ at you, Air Guitar Guy), try our most excellent soda, milk, juice, cow blood- whatever you want! Here’s some testimonials from our most famous clients.

“What?? Doom has no time to visit bars! He is royal, and is served the finest mead available in Latveria! RIIIIICHARDS!!!!!!!!!!” Dr. Doom

“Yeah, I’m a loser. Still, Louie always treats me with respect.” Ten-Eyed Man

“Huh? What?” Sleepy, of the Seven Dwarfs. **

“I will rule the world! *hiccups*” The Fiddler

So, come to The Bar With No Name. I’m Louie, and I’ll serve you right.

The Bar With No Name: Appearing in “Joker and Deadpool: Best Friends?” soon on Miscellaneous Soup…

*The Bar With No Name and all other Marvel and/or DC characters and images are the property of Marvel and DC, respectively. Please don’t sue me.  -Zach

**We don’t own Disney-related things, either. Don’t sue. Also, no idea why the dwarfs are there. -Zach


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