How Owning A Dog Is Ninja Training

Hello, readers. I found that image on Google Images. Nice drawing! (IF IT ISN’T SHOWING UP FOR THOSE OF YOU READING THIS IN AN EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION [HINT, HINT: MOM AND SARAH], THEN GO CLICK THE LINK AND GO TO THE MAIN POST.) Anyway, I have a dog. He is a Shih Tzu, and his name fluctuates, depending on who’s calling him. Owning a dog can prepare ANYONE for being a ninja, even me. Here’s why:

1) Punctuality: You learn to be on time. When a dog needs to go out/be fed, YOU MUST DO THAT. For ninja training, you have to be on time for your assassinations and spying and whatnot.

2) Speed: Ever drop food on the ground? For dogless people (Get one. They are adorable. I am far less bored, and he keeps me company.), you have plenty of time to pick it up, if you happen to be one of those people who disregards the five-second rule and says, “Hey, look! I found a nacho! *eats nacho*” or “Chocolate! *eats* Pretzels! *eats*”, then that lifestyle will soon be gone. DOGS WILL EAT YOUR FOOD. Take this afternoon. I was enjoying a leisurely snack of some pretzels, when I kept (accidentally) dropping some. Who should come but Mr. Macho, snuffling in search of crumbs and morsels. Fortunately, I had already picked them up, and was eating them. A year ago, I would not have been able to do that. If I had a dog then, they would have disappeared into his/her gullet. But, a year ago, I did not have a dog. My family got him over the summer. How does this relate to ninjas, you ask? Well, you need to catch knives, bullets, or potted plants (enemies are very resourceful) that people throw or shoot at you.

3) YOU decide! I can’t think of anything, so make a comment and say why YOU think that owning a dog can help with ninja training! Ninjas, dog owners, and dogs are preferred, but ANYONE can comment. No, really. Please. Also, subscribe. 


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