A Rundown On The Posts You May See In The Future

Hello, everyone! I have been bizarrely busy, thus the lack of posts. Still, I have ideas, and I want to share them with you. Oh, and the not-so-clever titles for this are not the post names, but I may change them. It depends on how much I like them. 3. 2. 1..action!

1) Beware The Harlem Shake: I was watching the YouTube Comedy Week “YouTube Challenge Challenge”, and the Harlem Shake got stuck in my head. Now, I think it would be funny if I made some kind of story that portrays it as something evil that controls your body and forces you to dance.

2) “Sideburns”: I watched a Tobuscus YouTube video with my sister last week. The main character sang a song about sideburns that sounded like Skyfall. Song parody time!

3) Joker and Deadpool: Best Friends?: A bizarre little fanfiction of mine. Deadpool and the Joker meet. This post was meant to set it up. If you look closely, you’ll see that I actually mention this at the end.

4) Choose Your Own Blog Post: Choose Your Own Adventure, but in blog post form. Multiple blog posts, random story. Even if I do have time, don’t expect to see this anytime soon. It will take a long time to write.

That’s it. Comment if you want, or add some suggestions. I just hope that everyone will enjoy them. Have a great day!


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