Original (Satirical) Song: “I’m a CHEATER!”

Somebody I Used To Copy Off: An Original Song  By Zachary Krishef 

Now and then I remember the times I had tests and quizzes

They were really hard; I never knew what to do

I didn’t study at all- Too busy playing video games!

So I looked over someone’s shoulder and COPIED!


I cheated, I cheated, I cheated so much!

From dawn to dusk I spied on my seat neighbor!

His name was Fred, and he was an academic genius!

Too busy studying to see I was copyin’


In preschool, I cheated on my building blocks test.

Stole some counterfeit blocks from the neighborhood kids

Made the word “academic” and got a gold star



In kindergarten, we had nap time.

I CHEATED on my nap time!

Stole a pillow, and pretended it was my head!

When the pillow was caught, I thought I was dead!

Got away with it, now I cheat every day!



Fred is my seat neighbor, again

Blocks his tests with a folder

I HAVE A PERISCOPE! (I’m a cheater….)


I’m a CHEATER, I’m a CHEATER, I’m a CHEATER so much!

It’s fun, it’s easy, and I never get in trouble!

See, kids- Never do your own work!

Now I have a job and I’m cheating on my taxes!


Fred is my boss- he figured out I was cheating.

Getting fired now, karma got to me

IRS is interrogating me, I say I’m not a member of the Tea Party (Note: Yes, this is a heavy-handed attempt at current event satire. Just go with it; This is a satirical song.)

In jail now and I feel sad.


This is just to show you

Cheating is for losers!

I thought I was a winner, now I’m on death row!

The End

**Note: I have never cheated, but I know it will not end up with you on Death Row. Still, don’t cheat. -Zach


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