The Mad Philosopher: People Complaining About Marvel’s Avengers Assemble Vs. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Okay, people. I’m not going to be rude, I just want to say this. I’m going to be reviewing Marvel’s Avengers Assemble  on, and if you are generous enough to comment, I really don’t want to here any hate-filled rants. I’m about nice comments. I like to respond to hateful YouTube comments with nice YouTube comments. Sadly, there’s so many cruel YouTube comments (Ex: Dan Slott, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, alleged declining quality of the Marvel AR videos), that I’m forced to only respond nicely to a select few.

1) You might say that this new television show is just a way to hype the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but was EMH (Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) not airing a time where movies were leading up to the movie version of The Avengers? Basically, both of them hype Marvel movies and comics in one way or another.

2) Also, Avengers Assemble does not seem like Ultimate Spider-Man. I’m not even going to go into the controversy regarding that. There’s no fourth-wall breaking, no weird hallucinations, just snarky heroes/villains.

So, PLEASE, just give it a chance. Personally, I liked EMH, but I didn’t agree with some of the things it did. So far, both of these television shows are well written. Just watch some episodes, and compare them. I’m out, it’s time to start reviewing Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. Have an excellent day.



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