Friday/Saturday Recap

Hi, readers. This isn’t going to be funny. My fish, Cheesy, died earlier today. No weird pictures, clever titles, or humors.

1. Read books. I wanted to make a post mocking one that I read, but this isn’t the right time.

2. Cheesy died.

3. I took Mr. Macho on a walk by myself, for the first time.

For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef. Have an excellent day.


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Or rather, I did it. In summer school, we can take the unit tests multiple times.

TIME NO. 1: 65%

Time No 2: 83%

YAY! I PASSED, AFTER REVIEWING MY ANSWERS!!!! Still, I wanted more! I wanted a perfect one hundred percent! Cue five more tests taken, all with various scores in the eighties.

Time No. Eight: 100% aka A MIRACLE

Here’s approximately what my face looked like.

I can relax!!! (Then start Unit 2. IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!!!) For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary “For the first time in my life I’ve passed a Chemistry quiz” Krishef, and have an excellent day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Dog’s My Sister???? CREEPY!!! PLUS: Fritters??? Twacebook? GAH! #HashTagMadNess!

ello, hello, HELLO! I am Zachary Aaron Bear Krishef, otherwise known as ZABK. Photo on 2013-06-23 at 18.56

And this is Sarah Krishef. Photo on 2013-06-26 at 18.58

Wait, that’s not Syrika, that’s Mr. Macho. What’s the difference? (Joke contributed by Syrika.) Time for the double catch up post!!!

School of Summer: Yesterday was good. Today was not as fun. Still, it could have been worse.

And Then Everyone Started Water Fighting….I have never heard the ‘kung-fu fighting’ song, but I’ve read about it. Anyway, there was a HUGE storm yesterday. I called it a flash flood. Rain started pouring down, and I could see mini rivers across the parking lot! We made it home safely from summer school. Technically, it wasn’t a flash flood, I just called it that. For that reason, I would STINK as a weather anchor.

Me: Well, Michigan, a flash flood is coming to you. STAY INDOORS, for the love of safety!

Boss: You fool! That’s just a very sudden storm!

Me: Oh…..I’m getting fired now…..

Poor Spongebob. I wouldn’t have that reaction to being fired. My reaction would be more like this:


Actually, I’m not sure if that would happen. Eh.

Despicable ME! Not Gru! What do you mean, “I’m not despicable.” YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE, MISCELLANEOUS READERS! WAAHAHAAHAHHA! WAHAHHAAHAAHAHAHHA! ANARCHY! ANARCHY! *NOTE: I DO NOT ENDORSE ANARCHY. IT IS BAD.* Longest. Intro. Ever. So, Despicable Me 2 is coming out. WOOOOOO! I loved the first one! WOOOOOOO!

I just realized how advertising works. On YouTube, this advertisement for some video game called The Last Of Us keeps playing. I have no interest in playing it, but that song is incredibly catchy. Hence the title of this section. The advertising got stuck in my brain, and I remembered the game.

“You lie!” No, I changed my mind. No more Facebook nonsense. I am considering getting a summer job next summer, because my volunteer hours should be completed after July 25th. Therefore, it may not look good for nonsense to be seen by prospective bosses. Hmmm, note: Delete all references to my nonsense-ridden blog.

I haven’t been putting as much pictures in this post. To make up for it, that was a hilariously odd Spongebob picture. Poor Spongebob. For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zach, Syrika is NOT Mr. Macho, and have an excellent summer-full Wednesday. I am going to do some summer reading and/or story writing.

Orientation, Lord Of The Flies-Style!!

Hello, hello, hello. I am currently at my school. I like my school. However, that is not the reason for being here over the summer. The reason is Chemistry. I failed the first semester. (insert sad face here) 


Wait, I just heard that orientation starts in eight minutes. In that case, I’m wrong about the title of this post. Oh, well. Here’s the story:

We were supposed to come inside at 8:30, but we didn’t. The end. I exaggerated. I’m just making this post as a way to kill time and stress. For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef. Have an excellent day. I’m terrified. Eight minutes until CHEMISTRY….