We Are The One Percent! (Of Cold Germs…)

Cartoon Cold Germ

Ah, how I love Google Images. Please, if you’re reading this in an email, click on the link, so you can see the picture. It’s funny. Anyway, I just want to talk about recent events in my life.

1) We Are The One Percent (Of Cold Germs…) Recycling jokes AND recycling tissues. I have been doing at least one of those things, and I think you can guess which one. I received a cold last week, on a very merry Saturday. NOT good. A reason why brings me to my next subject.

2) Pass Pass Pass Pass, Pass Pass Pass Pass, Pass-Pass-Pass-Pass EXAMS!!!! Sung to the tune of Spongebob’s “Night” song, because I can’t remember the real version. EXAMS!!!!!!! Last week, I suffered through horrendous exams, WITH A COLD. Still, despite a minor red herring scare in Spanish 2, I’ve actually passed. Infinite Campus was wrong. Also, you all know of my lovely troubles with Chemistry. (Or, now you do.) I’ve passed the second semester!!!! Sadly, for the first time in my life,  I have to go to summer school. Semester one of Chemistry, we meet again…next week…on Monday….at 8: something am……At least I’m an early riser.

If by ‘early riser’, you mean ‘I will get up early of my own volition, but I may be in a sleep-addled haze. Like right now……ZZZZzzzzzzz

Once again, PLEASE click on the email, you will receive the lovely bonus of seeing that delightfully Garfieldian caption.

3) Book Review: I’ll keep this short and sweet. Numero Uno: Ever heard of I Am The Messenger, by Mr. Zusak? Read it. It mentions dirty things, and swearing. Not for the young ones. Numero Dos: Tweetheart. (Tweet Heart? Eh.) Read it. Back cover is misleading. This book is amusing. READ EVERY BOOK I MENTIONED. (Stop yelling, Zach. Also, get to work on reviewing Ultimate Spider-Man for Marvel Disassembled. ) Okay, inner voice.

4) My heart break-eth….. No one entered the Deadpool and Joker (Joker and Deadpool?) contest. Eh. No one ever does. So, I’m including a poll in this post. If you want to, do something with the poll. If you don’t, don’t.

This poll never expires. Please, enter. I listen to suggestions.

5) THANK YOU. Thanks, once again, to EVERYONE who has subscribed to Miscellaneous Soup..The Lazy Geeks…The Wallflyer…I just forgot everyone else’s names…..I apologize. Anyway, have an excellent Father’s Day. From Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef. Or Zarion Kreena. Or whoever else I mold myself into. THIS IS AN ANONYMOUS WORDPRESS BLOG!! WAAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAH!!!!



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