Big Cheap Bombs (Available Near Your Local Dunkin’ Donuts)

Yes, we actually saw this. Well, sort of. I found a picture on the Internet.

Road trip! Harry, my adorable little brother, is off to a sleep-away camp! Highlights of the trip! (Note: Highlights equals memorable events, not necessarily good, as in the case of the first one.)

Zzzzzz….OW! Zzzzz…..OW! Zzzzz….OW! I discovered the joys of neck cramps when falling asleep in a moving car for multiple hours. Fortunately, I also discovered the invention known as the ‘neck pillow.’

This is not the neck pillow in question. I just wanted to see if one exists.

Big Cheap Bombs! Yes, I saw that sign. Two of them, in fact. A fireworks sign was sandwiched in between them. Is it just me, or does it seem like Dunkin’ Donuts is getting a little rough with its competition? It’s good that I’m not telling you this on the phone, or the FBI would come storming in, and arrest us. Wait, do we have Verizon? I’m not sure.

Waaahhhhhh.. I’m not happy that Harry’s gone. Oh, well. I just have to wait for a couple of weeks, and he’ll be back. I will watch one episode of Spongebob, no matter how horrible and unfunny, in his honor! (And write him a letter.)

Joker and Deadpool: A new story will be up, shortly. Have an excellent day, keep reading, happy Tuesday! Zachary out.


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