Ripping Off Popular YouTube User’s Intros!

Hello, Miscellaneous Soup readers! It’s not morning! (And I’m not LifeBurry)

Readers, what? What are you doing reading this blog?

And, yes,  I did have to look up popular YouTube users on Wikipedia. Anyway, here’s what happened today.

Good Deed Of The Day: I gave a stranger one dollar to go on the bus. I DO know about ‘stranger danger’, but the aforementioned adult did go on the bus. I saw him.

Read These: While volunteering at the library, I found multiple books. I can’t remember the titles, but I recommend them. Let’s see..

1. Alex Rider

2. Batman

3. Young James Bond

4. An LGBT novel…I can’t remember the full title… “The Miseducation of Cameron” Something. Her last name escapes me at this moment.

I picked up more books, but those are the highlights.


I was GOING to put a picture of him, but he ran away before Photobooth was done. Anyway, that’s all, folks. (I can’t imitate Porky Pig.)


Man, I wish I had the resources and time to make comedy sketches to post on YouTube. Nervous Ned should see the world!!! Ned is a character I made up. For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef. Goodnight, and have an excellent today/tomorrow. A phrase I paraphrased from the hilarious Chevy Chase, back in the days when he was on SNL. I wish I was alive back then.


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