Pixar, Pet Peeves, and Potatoes!


The Old: Monsters Vs. Aliens: A Comparison of the movie and the television series

*Movie: It’s hilarious. Great voice cast, though I’ve never heard of some of them. Satirical humor. I like the soundtrack. Some annoying things, but I’ll chalk it up to being a parody of horror movies from the earlier years of Americana.

*The television series: Insectasaurus is gone, with no explanation. The jokes are not as good. The President sounds different. Still, for a Nickelodeon show, it’s good.

The New Of Pixar:

Monsters, University: I think I know the entire plot of the movie already. Still, it should be good for nostalgia and humor.

Upcoming Pixar Movies:

1. Turbo. This looks weird, and bad. No more opinions.

2. Lego: The Movie: No, really. Stop laughing. It’s real! STOP! I’ll wait. ……………………………………….Good, you’re done. This movie features an ordinary Lego mistaken for some kind of super-Lego. He teams up with Lego Batman and other people. You’re laughing again…Originally, I thought Turbo would be good. Then I saw the trailer. With this, I thought it would stink. I saw the trailer, and I liked it. So, part of me wants to see this movie.


Sarah, my sister, was reading one of my library books. Normally, I would have no problems with that. Guess what she was doing?? DOG-EARING THE PAGES!!! I am serious about proper care of books. I gave her a b0ok mark, and I think she’s still using it.


This is the final portion of my extended recap blog post. Remember Friday’s blog post? Well, directly before that, I had unknowingly peeled eight pounds of potatoes. Mom had only told me to peel some. Oh, well! We still have some, to my delight. I know what I’m having for lunch! (Dinner equals IHOP. Before dinner, SKETCH COMEDY PLAY!!! WOO!)

For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef. Have an excellent day.


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