Breaking News From The Miscellaneous Soup News Corporation!

We bring you the news, the where, the who, and the weird! All on now! READ for your life! 

*Kermit the Frog has been tapped to play Thomas Edison in a brand new biopic! Sources report that it will feature a revamped version of “Mahna Mahna”, as well as cameos from One Direction, Charlie Sheen, Kate Middleton, Miranda Cosgrove, and Bill Hader!

*Wii Fit has teamed up with McDonald’s to turn the Shamrock Shake into a health-themed video game entitled the Shamrock Shake It! Beta test reports have reported that it seems rather hypocritical, but it gives you ‘free shakes if you pass, so eh.’

*Justin Bieber has crashed a car. Various ‘Beliebers’ blame the telephone pole for being in his way.

*Marvel is creating another Howard the Duck movie. He is expected to costar in the third installment of Marvel’s The Avengers. Heaven help us all.

*And, finally, Dan Slott has revealed plans to switch Spider-Man 2099’s brain with the Superior Spider-Man’s brain. Then, they will team up with literally every other character Dan Slott has ever written for and do a mass Vulcan mind meld. I like it!

This has been the Miscellaneous Soup News Corporation! Write in with your suggestions for news stories, because we do anything you ask us to do! Wait, I’m Zachary Krishef. Why am I saying ‘We?’


GAHHHH!! I’ve been possessed! For Miscellaneous Soup, we’re Venom!Zachary Krishef! Have an excellent night. We’ll be watching you! BWAAHAHAHAHHA!


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