A Rant, A Reply, And A Return!!!


I recently received my state identification card. I just want to gently rant about the location about the office. A MALL. It just seems odd to me that a part of my state’s government can be found right next to those vibrating chairs that you pay money to sit in and a clothing store. Convenient? Yes! Odd? Definitely!


I found a very interesting WordPress blog called The Story Fairy’s Library, and I subscribed to it. Later, I found out that the author replied to my comment AND subscribed to my blog!! Thank you! I recommend that everyone who subscribes to this blog subscribe to her blog. Please? Here’s a link.


The bus stop is back! Now, when I volunteer at the library, I can hopefully return home! 

For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef. Happy Fourth of July Eve.


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