REVIEW: Beware The Batman S1 E1: “Hunted” *BEWARE THE SPOILERS*

Right off the bat, we see Batman stopping some criminals, while getting hurt in the process. Obviously, he’s still new at this. I like this scene. Later, Bruce Wayne is attacked by a criminal, and is revealed to be Alfred. I didn’t really like that, because I thought it was a bit too obvious. The theme for this episode seems to be Alfred. He is getting older, and will, eventually, be unable to take care of Bruce and protect him.

Meanwhile, two lesser-known villains are terrorizing the town. Their names are Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad. A website, not Wikipedia, told me that they are based on A Wind In The Willows, but in name only. I like them. The normal rogue’s gallery does suffer from being overused. I am also pleased to discover that they toned down Professor Pyg. I looked up his antics in the comics, and they are incredibly disturbing. The only reference to his torturous experiments in the comics is in the form of him using saws and scalpels as weapons. Still creepy, but not as creepy or gory. They are eco-terrorists, and they’re capturing wealthy industrialists to hunt them. Yes, I said that. HUNT THEM. Again, this show isn’t pandering. It’s darker, and I like that.

Other parts of the DC mythology are introduced in that scene. Simon Stagg is one of the unlucky captives, and he’s not very different from his comics incarnation. In essence, he’s a jerk, even offering not to tell anyone about the illegal human-hunting if he’s released.  Michael Holt is a different captive. I actually had to look him up, and it turns out that his alter ego is “Mister Terrific”, but only in the comic books.  Alfred is captured instead of Bruce Wayne. Now, when they escape, he lies and says that he’s Batman. I predict that that may come back in a future episode. Simon Stagg isn’t the most scrupulous human being.

Batman stops the villains, but agrees with Alfred about needing a bodyguard. Enter the woman who would be Katana. In the comics, she was a member of the Outsiders, a team Batman started after he left the Justice League. She was shown meeting with Alfred earlier, and the promos have already revealed that she’s going to be helping Batman. I like this! We get a strong female character, even if she only appeared for approximately three minutes.

Closing comments. The theme song is short and sweet. The voice actors for Batman, Bruce Wayne, and Alfred are very good, as are the other actors. It mentioned briefly that Alfred worked for MI6, a spy agency. Again, small aspects of continuity are being revived, and I like that. Alfred and Bruce’s mildly cordial relationship is shown, and I like that. As for other positive points, the show isn’t darker and is not afraid to mention death or killing.

Some miscellaneous things. I agree with several comments that say that Alfred’s design looks like Lex Luthor. Also, it showed Batman having trouble getting into an encrypted computer file. Several workers on the show have confirmed that Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) will appear as a ‘computer genius.’ Could it be foreshadowing? Finally, you may be asking if there’s anything I don’t like about this series. I dislike the animation. It threw me, initially, but I’m trying to get over it. That’s my only dislike. Oh, wait! A boss was mentioned for Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad. I’m interested in his or her identity.

Score: 8.5 out of 10.

Next Up: “Secrets” Magpie will be the next revamped villain. She has multiple personality disorder, and kidnaps Batman. He must determine which one of her personalities committed the crime. Sorry if that sounded weird, I’m combining two different descriptions.

What did you think of this episode? Tell me below, if you want to! I’m always interested in your thoughts. Have an excellent day, everyone! For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef.


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