Hey, That’s Not How You Spell ‘America!’: The Weird Story Of Me and Memes


What the what?

Tracy Morgan? Hey, you were great on 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live!

HEY! NO politics here, except those times during the 2012 elections! Why are all these pictures popping up?

Okay….What’s a meme? Okay, it’s a “video or image that is a part of pop culture and is passed from one Internet user to another.” I combined two definitions. Here’s two pet peeves that I have with memes.


I HATE THIS THING! The person’s face is obnoxious! Also, I hate the bad grammar. Ever since I saw the phrase ‘y u no’ on YouTube comments, I’ve wanted to find the origin so I can rant about it.


I’ve been seeing this all over Facebook for a long time. I chalked it up to simple bad spelling, but it’s a meme. I have no idea why.


In my mind, memes are annoying. Some, like the aforementioned Tracy Morgan are funny. Mostly, they say weird things and have swear words, censored or otherwise. (Thank you for examples of swearing one, Facebook. -Zach the Sarcastic)

But, wait! Maybe memes aren’t as bad as I think they are! It’s a passing trend, like #hashtags, or dead super-powered individuals. I’ve had a change of heart! *cue dramatic music* Memes are amusing, and they stop our world from getting even more terrifying! I put my whole support behind memes! For Miscellaneous Soup, I-

You just insulted Harry Potter. You…just…..insulted Harry Potter. YOU JUST INSULTED HARRY POTTER!!!


Readers, you’d better leave. For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef. IT’S TIME TO DESTROY MEMES FOREVER!!! Have an excellent day!


I love doing those kinds of posts. It’s the kind where I play a fictionalized version of myself. In actuality, I have neutrality in regards to memes. Some can be amusing, like the Tracy Morgan one or one my sister told me, but I mostly don’t care. But, I do want to try something. Hey, people!

YOLO = You Only Live Once.

Fro-Yo = Frozen Yogurt.

Ever heard of…fro-yolo? Frozen yogurt only licks once. It doesn’t make sense, but memes don’t usually make sense, either. Now, my army of readers (a very small army), TURN THAT INTO A MEME!! Wait…

Oh, come on! I should have guessed that it would be real. Anyway, for real this time, for Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef. Have an excellent night.


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