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A Dispensable List of Comic Book Lists

12 Seinfeld Episodes That Reference a Comic-Book Character Other Than Superman
or His Supporting Cast (and 1 Comic Book That Definitely Maybe Returned the Favor)

seinfeld-cast1. “The Statue” (1991)
During the run of his hugely popular TV show (1989-1998), Jerry Seinfeld made it pretty clear he was a huge Superman fan, through either visual cues (Look! A Superman magnet on his apartment fridge! He’s reading a Superman comic!) or references to Superman and his supporting cast (he once compared Kramer to Lex Luthor, in that both men could accomplish so many great things if they only put their minds towards something worthwhile). But every once in a while, another superhero would get a shout-out, too. In “The Statue,” for instance, Jerry is telling Elaine how incredible his new maid is, which leads to a mention of DC’s Plastic Man (Elastic Man is probably a mistaken reference to Jimmy Olsen’s Elastic Lad persona or the always-underappreciated Elongated Man):

Jerry: He…

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