MOVIE REVIEW: “The Campaign”

Preliminary Thoughts:

Okay, this movie is my first R-rated movie. I’m a little nervous.


Okay. The basic concept is simple. Two corrupt federal employees don’t like the current North Carolina congressman, Cam, so they attempt to oust him with a dark horse, Marty. It’s a pretty interesting concept for a movie, partially because I am very interested in the political system. I also enjoyed the use of political satire.  Some plot points near the end that some people would call predictable, I did not see coming at all.


You can find raunchy humor. You can find swearing humor. Clever jokes, low-brow jokes. Racist jokes, interesting jokes. Some of the humor in this movie actually made me laugh, while other portions disturbed and annoyed me.


This is rated R, and for good reason. Swearing. Dirtiness. Racist-ness.


The actors did a good job. I truly believed that Will Ferrell, Zach Galifanakis (Did I spell that correctly?), Jason  Sudeikis, and all of the actors were excellent.


One particular song is not appropriate. Still, the soundtrack, especially over the end credits, actually sounds interesting. I especially liked the use of the Archie’s song “Sugar, Sugar” to represent the innocence in Marty’s life.

Sum Up: 

This movie has some surprisingly heartfelt messages and morals. Like I said above, I did not see that coming from a crude movie. I would not see The Campaign again, but I liked approximately 46% of it. For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef. Have an excellent day!


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