I’m BACK…..Only To Possibly Be Gone Again, Soon. Sorry. (Why Do These Have To Be Capitalized?)

SUCCESS!!!!! I have passed my Chemistry final exam with an 80% percent!!!! All that time spent studying and NOT making blog posts paid off!

My reaction to FINALLY being done with Chemistry, AND that my overall grade will mostly likely be a high B?

Like that picture? I literally Googled “ridiculously happy face.” More highlights of my day:

Aww, WHO’S a good doggy?? YOU are! YOU are!! TUMMY RUB TIME!!! I was going to go upstairs to my brother’s room to relax, because he’s at a training center. I asked the dog if he wanted to come with me, and he interpreted that as “Hey, boy! Wanna go on a walk? Wanna go on a walk??” and not “Hey, boy! Wanna come with me to Sol’s room?” In all fairness, I was using the same tone of voice as I use for…Well, pretty much every time I talk to him. Think baby talk, but with more tummy-rubbing. Oh, he wuvs his tummy wubs, oh yes he does!!! He gave me these ADORABLE little doggy whines of happiness! He hardly ever does that! Well, not to me, at least. Now that I think of it, Syrika (FAKE NAME), my sister, is away at camp, and she usually takes the dog out for a walk.

10800 and thirty seconds/ that’s how long I spent/ at the library! Bad “Seasons Of Love” song parody. I first heard the song in parody song in The Office, season seven, “Michael’s Last Dundies.” Basically, multiple hours at the library. Hooray! I love the library!

FINALLY…..Why I might not be blogging for thirteen days. Approximately. ROAD TRIP!!! Also, a family reunion! Hey, you guys remember Poniu? (FAKE NAME) Back in the old days when I used a fake name and I had no readers, (J.K. Rowling used a fake name for The Cuckoo’s Calling, and it had readers. When the information that she wrote it under a pseudonym was leaked, it had more readers. I STARTED A TREND!!), my cousin Jared had a WordPress blog. He hasn’t updated it in a while, and I don’t think he updated his website, either. Note to self: Get the link. Anyway, we did this cool thing where he wrote a post on Miscellaneous Soup, and I wrote a blog post on Ponui Theater. Let me check…..Aha! Here is a link to my post on his blog (just click on the word here, at the beginning of the sentence), and this is a link to his post on my blog. I have actually re-blogged many of his posts to Miscellaneous Soup, thereby adding confusion if you simply try searching “Ponui” on this blog. Just use the links.

Could you be more specific?

You know, the usual. Reading, writing, relaxing, making a SECRET FANFICTION SERIES for this blog…Any of those grab your attention? Wink, wink. Hint, hint. The blog post teasing my SECRET FANFICTION SERIES has already been made, but I want to wait until I actually have some stories written. It will be dated, though. I make some jokes about my room being messy, and certain areas (pile of paper from school) have been cleaned up and recycled. For the story, I want to post it in the way a television show works. I set a designated time for each story to be posted, and then I stick to that schedule, with a number of pre-made stories. When I run out of my stories, that would be the equivalent of a television show’s hiatus. Here’s some hints about my story. If you feel like it, guess in the comments section below.


1. Weirdness

2. Other characters from the universe

3. My own version of a canon that’s been established since the 1940s

5. Healing factor

6. Costumes.

Have an excellent day, everyone! For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef. Have an excell-Wait, I already said that. OH! I thought of something!


My sister got me hooked on fanfiction. Google “fanfiction mists Justice League” and read the stories that come up. They are GOOD. Please do it. Also, read Dale E. Basye’s book series, Heck: Where The Bad Kids Go. I am making a review of the most recent book, because it was incredibly well-written and interesting. Please. Read it. Bye, everyone!!! *distributes smiles and lolllypops to everyone*


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