First Try: Unsuccessful. Second Try: ???? This Is One Blogger’s Quest To Have His Cousin Make A Blog Post With Him

The Time: 12:30, subject to change as I write this.

The Place: Hybrid bowling alley/restaurant. Music playing, people eating restaurant-type food, people bowling. Exactly as loud as you think it is. (Unless you think it’s not loud.)

The Mission: Get Jared, my cousin, to make a joint blog post with me, in between bowling.

Try No. 1: I saw Jared on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was still Shabbat, and he had to leave before Havdalah.  Oh, well.

Try. No. 1.5: My cousin Nat is an aspiring filmmaker. He has been to a college specifically for that, and has put an excellent video on his YouTube channel. Here’s a link. Watch, like, and subscribe. Anyway, I thought about bringing the school laptop over to the barbecue, but rejected the idea, in favor of five books. (I finished three of them.) It was a mistake. We could have done a joint blog post.

Try No. 2: Jared is here. A blog post may happen. Hopefully. I don’t want to jinx anything. The WiFi could stop at any time, and I need to charge this. To be continued, hopefully with a collaboration…..


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