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The Blog Crossover 2.0’s second installment!!

Ponui Theater

Star Trek…Star Trek…Something feels off about that. Star Trek…That’s better. That is how you mark a television show, right? I’m not sure how I feel about Star Trek, but I’ll try my best. Firstly, if you make a typo, then it may look like Stark Trek. That reminds me of Stark Tech., which reminds me of Iron Man, which reminds me of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I need to go make a fanfiction of this crossover right now!!!

Secondly, I know that it has spawned many television shows and movies. MANY. Thirteen movies, maybe? I’m going to look something up. Nope. No new television series are coming, BUT a third rebooted series movie is being thought about. I’ve read the TV Tropes page for it….I haven’t watched the Nostalgia Critic reviews as of now, but I hope to change that. How I feel…..How I feel……How I feel…..How I…

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