Not Much To Say

Hi, everyone. We got home a long time ago, but I don’t really have a lot to blog about. I have been relaxing, and trying to make the last few weeks (now the last week and one day) of summer good. But, something odd has been happening. I’ve been “mental blogging.” I keep thinking about how I’m going to write the blog post with the explanation about why I haven’t been posting, and then I’ve been mentioning the “mental blogging” inside the mind post. It’s really meta. What to talk about…

Cue Darth Vader Theme Song: One week and a day until SCHOOL, and my first AP course. (AP Psychology). Also, the High Holidays are very early this year. I’m going to have to miss a lot of Thursdays and Fridays, including the first Thursday and Friday of the year. Insert sad face here.

A Reviewing We Will Go, A Reviewing We Will Go, Hi Ho A Read-E-O, A Reviewing We Will Go! Yesterday, I went to Schuler’s  Books And Music to get three new advance reader’s copies of books to read. On the way home, I went through twenty pages of one of them, and I was hooked.

ADAPTATION RAGE: The main rant will be saved for a separate post, but I saw a bit of Nickelodeon’s adaptation of Swindle. For those of you who don’t know, Swindle is an excellent book series, and an excellent book. The movie incarnation of Swindle has some issues, in my mind.

That’s everything. I’ll make more posts in the future. I want to spend the rest of the summer reading, writing, and working on Le Blog. 🙂


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