FAKE Breaking Bad Spoilers (From Someone Who Has Never Seen Breaking Bad)

1. It’s all a fever dream in the mind of Kermit the Frog.

2. Drugs are actually candy.

3. Jesse is a Martian.

4. Walt is actually Walt Whitman.

5. The whole series is an alternate ending to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

6. The whole thing is an alternate ending to The West Wing.

7. Nobody had cancer. It was actually a really bad sunburn combined with a cold.

8. Stephen Colbert is Jesse.

9. All of the fake Breaking Bad spoilers on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon are true.

10. All of them are false.

11. Breaking Bad will end with a song and dance by the ghosts of Richard Nixon and Peter Pan.

12. Everyone dies from a nuclear apocalypse.

13. The Walking Dead (another show I have not seen) crosses over with it in the last five minutes.

14. No one is alive. They are all ghosts, putting on a play for other ghosts.

15. When Walt sells more drugs, he will turn into a unicorn.

16. Walter is a Pillow Pet.

17. The whole series is a dream from the mind of Liz Lemon.


The Ultimate Experiment?

Hello, readers. While not necessarily on this blog, I have complained about Twilight for years. My complaints have ranged from the contrived and boring story to the various “morals” that can be drawn from it. I finally have received some proof as to the horrible messages in this article.  Please go to the “Unfortunate Implications” section for more details.

Now, an idea has entered into my mind. Whether it was born from a reader’s morbid curiosity or the frozen state that my brain is currently in (Thank you, fall!), part of me wishes to read the Twilight series, and then analyze it here.  And, because my thinking processes are still bleary from morning tiredness and the weather, I will let YOU decide! Comment below, yes or no. Should I read what I believe to be the worst book series known to Earth, or not? (Be warned: Once I come to my senses,  I may simply disregard all comments made, or lack of comments.) Have an excellent morning, afternoon, evening, night, and midnight! (Or, in layman’s terms, a day.)

Bieber as Robin in Batman Vs. Superman??

AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! (insert completely opposite reaction to Harry Potter news here) NO NO NO NO NO NO NO….Please….Don’t randomly cram pop stars into a movie…Please….Okay, my review of the original Maximum Ride trilogy will be up today. I just wanted to rant. I really don’t mind if Ben Affleck plays Batman. He seems to be a good actor. Bieber has only been on SNL. The writing was good, his acting was bad. Bye, everyone. I will begin writing my review! It may be up by tomorrow, though. Have an excellent evening!


Hi. Here’s the sore story.

  1. Checked out a lot of books.
  2. Had to take them to the bus stop.
  3. Nearly missed  the bus. Had to drop bags, run to bus, and plead with bus driver to wait for me.
  4. While shuffling back to my house from the other bus stop, someone  helped me. 🙂
  5. And now I am sore everywhere. To reuse a joke I made earlier today, “Is this what it feels like after you exercise??” Eh. It was funnier in my head. Mom, I feel your pain, for I also have a crick in my neck.

So, Yom Kippur is tonight. See you LATE on Saturday, guys and….other term? I can’t find a different term. RE DO! See you LATE on Saturday, beloved readers! Much better. I plan to post my analyzing of the original Maximum Ride trilogy then. Have a great evening, or, if you’re not in my time zone, night/morning/afternoon/midmorning/midnight/midevening/midafternoon/tea time/Adventure Time/or snack time!

NEW HARRY POTTER (inspired) MOVIE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Read this article: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2013/09/12/jk-rowling-to-write-harry-potter-inspired-film/2803671/

Here’s what I know:

J.K. Rowling is writing a movie series based upon Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. How did I find this out? I’m checking Google News for information to write about for my aforementioned news-themed blog project! WOOOO! WOOO!! WOOOOOO! HARRY POTTER FANS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!!! This is BREAKING NEWS, people! BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!1

School Assigned Spin-Off!

Hey, readers! (If anyone reads this! Nat, if you’re reading this, comment with the phrase “MONKEYS.”) I haven’t been posting recently, but I have a lot of ideas! But, today, the topic is something completely different. School has been good (more on that later), and I received a fascinating English 11 assignment. We have to create a blog, and make four specific posts on it.

  • An editorial
  • Something satirical
  • A response to a current event
  • Analyzing a current image in society

Fun! So, I have created a spin-off blog called Zach Gets Current! You can find it here: http://zachgetscurrent.wordpress.com/

Also, I’m on Fanfiction! (More on that later) Have an excellent day!

Randomly Generated Topic: “Comparison”

Hi, guys. It’s the last day of summer, and I can’t’ wait for school tomorrow. Remember this summer’s crossover post with Ponui, my cousin? Well, I’ve finally found another website to use that randomly generates topics. Today’s topic is “Comparison.” I would rant about the movie adaption of Gordon Korman’s novel Swindle, but I haven’t seen the movie as of now. I can’t be biased, as much as I HATE what I’ve seen so far.

So, what should I compare? Should I look up another random noun and a random time period? Should I discuss what others are discussing, with the war in Iraq, and the potential war in Syria? No, I would rather not discuss my fears on that. Instead, I will go with the former option.

First Random Topic: Comparisons

What Am I Comparing?: The first option was religion. I’m not going there, because I don’t want to offend myself or anyone. Next randomly generated topic! Paint? Sure!

Time Period: My first randomly generated date is 10-13-1603. Some Wikipedia searching took me to ancient paintings in the Ming dynasty. In that case, I will now do a comparison of paintings in the Ming Dynasty, and in this time.

Comparison: Firstly, calligraphy was a staple of paintings in this era. The art of painting flourished, and it seemed that many schools were created simply for painting. Nowadays, schools for painting are even more common, and schools regularly offer art classes. Secondly, the images that I have found seem to be very detailed. In 2013, paintings are still very detailed, but the influence of culture and differing time periods adds some changes. Comparing these topics reminds me of comparing apples to oranges, as cliche as that statement may be. I am not sure what to say. This topic could be something a school would offer for an assignment, and I’m simply a teen trying to soak in as much of the final day of the summer as possible. Still, I shouldn’t simply use ‘summer’ as an excuse to be stupid. On to A.P. Psychology!

I have that class next year, or tomorrow, as the case may be, and I am scared. It is my first Advanced Placement class. I’ve been doing some research today, and I can’t wait to take the class!

I’m slowly running out of things to say, so I will end this post here. Tomorrow is my first day of school, and I do not know if I’ll make a post when school ends. I don’t know what my amount of homework will be, and I will have to get some extra homework, due to the High Holidays, This week, the week after next week, and the week after that will see me absent from school on Thursdays and Fridays. I am not happy about missing school, but it could always be worse. Have an excellent day, everybody! I have six hours and sixteen minutes until I have to sleep.