Cupcake Writing Prompt (Originally For School)

Prompt: If you were a cupcake…

1. What flavor would your cake be?

2. What kind of frosting would you have?

3. Sprinkles?

4. Filling?

5. What would your name be?

My Response: I would be a book cupcake, for the funny option.  But, for the “So Good I Wants MORE!” option, I would be a chocolate cupcake.  My frosting flavor would be chocolate. As for sprinkles, no sprinkles. Just candy corn shoved into it. I had no idea that cupcakes had filling! If I could choose fillings, then I would buy a hot fudge shake from the Cone Shoppe, and then use that as filling. Finally, I would be called “Zach The Cannibalistic Cupcake”, because what I have described sounds incredibly mouth-watering. I’m not letting anyone else eat it.

And Now, A Picture I Found, Just For You Miscellaneous Soup Reader:

If you know a recipe for this, please send it to me. Yummmmm…….WHEN WILL HALLOWEEN ARRIVE?? Zach out. Have an excellent morning. I’m all sugared up, and it isn’t even lunch time yet! Math is my next class…Please don’t let me have a sugar crash at school…


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