On Writer’s Block And Maximum Ride

Hello. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a long time, which is atypical of me. I have undergone a series of writer’s block symptoms, as well as being distracted by the novelty of fanfiction. Sadly, I am also getting writer’s block with that, but that is another story for another post. Suffice it to say that I am going to write a story and like it.

My writer’s block is arriving in the standard way, but also in a different way. For the past month, I knew almost exactly how I was going to write this blog post, but I never ended up writing it. Sometimes I had legitimate reasons. It was Shabbat, it was the middle of the night, I had homework, or I was at school. Still, some of the flimsier excuses may have boiled down to this: I am scared.

More people are reading Miscellaneous Soup, and I don’t want them to be disappointed with my writing or what I have to say. Everything has to be completely perfect. You might call me a writing perfectionist. I’m not sure if that’s completely accurate, but one never knows. The same epiphany could be applied to my fanfiction. I’m getting followers. I’m getting reviews. I can’t just churn out a humorous story and post it. I have to get an idea, spend an appropriate amount of time writing about the idea, revise/edit the idea, and ‘publish’ the idea. (Oh, if I had a published book…) In essence, put more effort into my work!

Now, how does this relate to Maximum Ride? Well, I earlier stated that I would review each individual book in order to determine if the finale truly was as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The thing is, I don’t like giving bad reviews to books. If you get me on the subject, then I might start ranting about how the finale is lackluster, but I don’t want to write any insults. That being said, I had an epiphany this afternoon. Please don’t scream at me in the comments after reading it. “Nevermore: The Final Maximum Ride Novel is not the worst book in the series.”

“But, Zach!” you scream. “The book ruined the series! Characters were supposedly killed off with no repercussions, the ending was ambiguous, and there was a love triangle inserted just to cause a romantic love triangle that was already resolved after the original trilogy!” Firstly, work on your grammar. You have a run-on sentence. Secondly, I truly believe that this is accurate. To be fair, Maximum Ride was meant to be a trilogy. But, the future books could easily have been excellent. Now, here’s my reasoning. We had an excellent book series. The protagonist was competent, funny, and intriguing. The villains were villainous, the heroes were heroic, and the mystery actually kept us interested. The fourth book took away most of the elements, opened up the aforementioned unnecessary love triangle, and inserted a heavy-handed environmental message. The problem is not the message, per se, but the way it was constantly delivered. Now, the remaining books in the series actually got better. The cliffhanger of the penultimate book actually had me interested. And, as you most likely know, the finale was terrible. BUT, the books before the finale weren’t the best in the world. It was the original trilogy’s legacy that became tarnished through a series of progressively average novels. That is why I believe that Nevermore was bad, but not as bad as the final book. It’s all about the big picture.

I’m Zachary Krishef, and I hope you enjoyed my little editorial. Have an excellent day. I’m off to write some fanfiction.


2 thoughts on “On Writer’s Block And Maximum Ride

  1. Even though I’ve never read Maximum Ride, I really enjoyed this entry. You are a great and entertaining writer, don’t be hard on yourself, your blog is for your own enjoyment as well as others, so write what you want even though you may not think it’s ‘perfect’!
    From, A Zach Fan

  2. Great post, Zarion! Though I don’t know what you’re talking about with running sentences I mean run-on sentences I have good grammar I doubt I’ve ever made one in my life. Anyways, thanks for writing, and I REALLY hope that someday you’ll post more …well, posts!

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