BOOK REVIEW: Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver

I like to read. I really don’t like to insult books that I don’t like, but I really want to talk about this one. The concept is okay. A girl dies in an alcohol-fueled heart attack, and wakes up the next morning, on the day of her death. She must find out why she has to relive her final day. The main problem is that I dislike her and her friends. This is going to sound brutal, but I think they they are just really bad people. I hesitate to use the word ‘horrible’, but I think that it may apply. They do cruel things every day and are incredibly obnoxious. The behavior doesn’t even change as the protagonist tries to find out why she is reliving the last day of her life.

Additionally, certain issues are covered in this book. I hesitate to say the names, because they are spoilers for the plot. One is only mentioned twice, and seemingly glossed over in the second appearance. The second issue takes up a good chunk of the book. The problem is that the main character does the same thing right at the end of the book!!! Hardly a spoiler!

Finally, the romantic plot is unnecessary, to me. The second portion of it does imply some character development for the main character, but it seems contrived and shoehorned. I just don’t like this book. I recommend it to you, just in case. According to a certain book, Before I Fall was well-received. Fine. They like it, I didn’t. Have an excellent day, I’m going to go read a better book.


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