SONG PARODY: Bizarro Atop The Fourth Wall (Extended Version)

I have not had any ideas for blog posts…UNTIL NOW! As long as I’m making a warped version of  Linkara’s theme song, I may as well borrow a catchphrase from his show: Time 4 Backstory!!!!!!

BACKSTORY: Atop The Fourth Wall is a web series about reviewing bad comics. I recently discovered that one does not need a Twitter account in order to browse other people’s Twitters. Linkara has a Twitter. I read it for fun and updates on his work. A conversation ensued between Linkara and Spoony, one of his friends. Here is a summary.

Noah Antwiler ‏@TheSpoonyOne  2h


It is a reverse version of Atop The Fourth Wall‘s theme song, based on a Superman villain called Bizarro, who had a shtick that consisted of doing everything backwards. (Ex: “Goodbye! I am Bizarro! Are you having a bad day?” )  Okay, so I’m not the best at imitating it. Anyway, I received permission from Linkara to create a bizarro version of his theme song. Here is the song. Special credit goes to Linkara, for giving me permission, and Spoony, because I’m going to borrow some of his tweet. And, if you want to use it in your respective web series, feel free to. Not that I think it’s good enough to warrant that, but I’m in a goofy mood. I apologize for the harsh rhymes and for my usage of Larfleeze. I have no idea who the character is, but it rhymes. Indeed, this song has quality. Finally, ‘boy’ is the opposite of ‘man’, according to some sources.

Bizarro Atop The Fourth Wall: Extended Version

Composed by Zachary Krishef, some lyrics taken from Noah “Spoony” Antwiler”

Go away, Under The Fourth Wall,  where good comics freeze!

Kinlara’s going to drain your brains of everything but Larfleeze!

Brodsky, your lessons are so smooth! Liefeld, you belong in the Louvre!

Anyone who’s been rejected, it’ll never be your turn!


He is a boy! Kick! Wears striped socks!


He stole a microscope! Why’d he need that?


Dollars, meatbags, humans, and Segways!



Kinlara stands up, wearing a dress,

and speed-reads his way through it.

Well-written, great pencils,

but no one cares about it.

And it’s time Kinlara browses TV Tropes!

They filled his quotes page with all kinds of rage

when someone bugs him about the History Power Rangers

but it’s overshadowed by the 60s Kid!

Chilling with crossovers, one-shots, and tie-ins,

Kinlara sleeps, having no bias

under the fourth wall, looking around for guidance.

“Of course! He doesn’t know anything about science!”

There would be worse books on his show,

but he felt too much woe,

there’s something stuck on his shoe,

it’s the One More Day comics of joy for you…


He is a boy! Kick! Nothing on his leg!


Never breaks the mistake alarm!


Country classics, Sane-as-can-be, a homeless cup-wielding bum?



UPDATE:  Yes, this is DEFINITELY good enough for Linkara to use! *laughs egotistically and maniacally*


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