The Book Bag (#2): The Fault In Our Stars

Welcome to The Book Bag, and, today, we’re reaching all the way to the bottom! See the title? It’s shameless click bait! Well, not really. I couldn’t decide what to do for my second review. There’s so many books that I love to read! Still, the movie came out recently, so this seems appropriate.

I have a story. When I first read The Fault In Our Stars, I had no idea who John Green was. I randomly picked it up during the summer or early fall, if I’m remembering it correctly. Now, I had been watching the Vlogbrothers’ videos for some time. I didn’t connect the John Green in the videos with the author until I saw one where he explicitly mentioned being an author. I frantically scrambled to find all of his books. A couple of weeks ago, my sister graciously lent me her friend’s copy of the book and I finally reread it.


For those of you who don’t know, The Fault In Our Stars is, essentially, a teen romance novel. The twist comes from the two main characters having cancer. I highly enjoyed the book. It is very sad, and very well-written. I could see the main characters being real people. None of the events seemed contrived or unrealistic, as far as I could tell. Well, besides the artistic license with the medicine, that is.


It is an amusing book, like a lot of John Green books. It made me laugh at some jokes that, in any other show or book, might have made me cringe. I can’t think of a lot of things to say about The Fault In Our Stars. I would give it an eight out of ten, perhaps. It’s not my favorite book but it’s pretty darn good. I am planning on seeing the film. I’m Zachary Krishef, and I hope that you have an excellent day!

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

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Next Time: Grr, agh! A zombie love story is next on the metaphorical chopping block! You say it can’t be done? Maybe you’re right and maybe you’re wrong. Prepare for Jeff Hart’s Eat, Brains, Love!


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