The Book Bag (#3): Eat, Brains, Love

Hello and welcome to The Book Bag! Today, we’re reaching all the way to the bottom! A zombie love story is preposterous, you say? My sister scoffed at the idea. I wasn’t shocked because I like unconventional ideas. It’s time to enter the world of Eat, Brains, Love! Here’s the backstory. It will clear some items up.


Firstly, there’s a secret government organization dedicated to hunting down zombies, eliminating them, and using various methods to make people think that something else happened. For instance, let’s say that a zombie attacks your Chihuahua at a dog park. You see that it’s a zombie. After the agents arrive, they might use a telepath to make you see the memory as a large dog or erase it as a whole. Cass, one of our protagonists, is one of the only teenage recruits. She is one of the said telepaths.


After that, you get Jake and Amanda. Amanda appears to be the stereotypical popular girl at school while Jake is, essentially, a stoner. I’m not entirely clear as to the definition of the term, but from what I’ve heard, it seems to be accurate. They suddenly turn into zombies and eat their classmates in the school cafeteria. My copy of the book had a version of the cover with the title created out of a scattered lunch plate. I like to think that during that gruesome attack, someone randomly threw their food into the air and it magically turned into the image on the cover. They must go on the run to avoid being caught and killed, while slowly falling in love.  Who’s tracking them? Cass!


Eat, Brains, Love is a surprisingly good book. Not having read many zombie-themed books, I was expecting a typical plot with some unusual elements. I received an atypical plot with, well, some unusual elements. The zombies in this are very different from the standard zombies that you can find in the media. Of course, seeing as my only knowledge of zombies comes from a different teen book series and Scooby-Doo, you most likely know more than me. I highly recommend this book. The characters are appealing, especially the antagonist, and the plot is astoundingly good. On the negative side, it does end on a slightly abrupt note, but it should be noted that I did not know that a sequel was being made. Perhaps the ending is still a mite sudden even with that, but that’s a matter of opinion. Lastly, the book is very gory. If you, like myself, do not have a high tolerance for gore, then be careful when reading this book. Surprisingly, I was hardly grossed out. Additionally, there’s some foul language and mature references. Definitely a book for adults, teens, or little kids! (Well, maybe not little kids.) In my mind, Eat, Brains, Love gets nine zombie attacks out of ten! I am eagerly anticipating the sequel, Undead With Benefits. Jeff Hart is an excellent author.


I’m Zachary Krishef. Have an excellent day and don’t get bitten by any zombies.


Eat, Brains, Love by Jeff Hart

Reviewed by Zachary Krishef

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Next Time: I went to the library and picked up a host of new reading material. As I was browsing, I found two books that I knew I had to review. Next time, a new segment will be introduced! “Book Vs. Book”, wherein I compare two books with similar premises. The other reviewing options will have to wait! Also, I am going to post my reviews once a week, instead of every day. Posting them almost every day was a trial run.


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