The Book Bag (#6): Suck It Up

Hello and welcome to The Book Bag! Today, we’re reaching all the way to the bottom! Hey, kids, do you like vampires? You do? Great! Do you like clever authors? You do? Great! Do you like funny stories that have suspense and action? You do? Great! This book has all of that!


Suck It Up is a YA book created by Brian Meehl. You may recognize his name from Between The Lions, The Magic School Bus, and several Jim Henson productions. I am not afraid to admit that while reading this book, I was so happy, that I checked to see who wrote it and squealed in delight upon seeing what he worked on.


Anyway, the book stars Morning McCobb. Our alliterative protagonist has just graduated from a school for vampires. He gets picked by the headmaster for a very special purpose. You see, the school trains vampires to fit in with human society. The only stereotypically evil vampire are called The Others. The headmaster wants Morning to be the first vampire to actually come out as a vampire instead of masquerading as a human.


The cast of characters includes Morning, a vegan who wants to be a firefighter/superhero, Penny, who is his publicist, Portia, Penny’s daughter who wants to film something great enough to earn her a scholarship to a film college, Birnam, who is the headmaster and leader of the project, and DeThanatos, our aptly-named villain of the story. He sees Morning revealing his powers and wants to kill him for violating the “old ways.”


Suck It Up is hilarious. I love the writing style, I love the characters, I love the humor- I just love this book! It made me feel happy to read it. I can’t think of an accurate way to describe it. I really wish that it had a sequel, and it does! During my research for this review, I found out that he made one. Yes! I can’t say it enough times: I love this book. Please, please, please check it out from your local library or buy it. It’s worth buying. I can’t think of anything that I disliked about it.


I’m Zachary Krishef, and I hope that you have an excellent day. I have a book to put on hold.


Suck It Up by Brian Meehl

Reviewed by Zachary Krishef

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Next Time: I’m going to go over the Lorien Legacies series and deliver my thoughts. NO spoilers will be revealed!


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