Bully For Me. Bully For You.

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To commemorate October as “Bullying Awareness Month,” I bring you the following insights regarding the subject…

As a latch-key kid, I basically came home from school, made my meals, and did my homework until my adult “roommates” came home. (To amuse myself I’d drive across the local park, set fire to things, and make Super-8 movies, usually of me driving across the local park and setting fire to things.) So when I was bullied at school, I not only didn’t have any sense of conflict management or support tools of any kind, but I couldn’t even really talk about it. At the time, the notion of “talking about it” just seemed like it would make it all the more real. So I kept it all bottled up inside and quietly hated myself for being bullied upon. The bullying wasn’t extreme, really, in retrospect: hardly ever physical, mostly just name-calling, the…

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Zach Recommends #1: Mahou Shoujo L’incandescent – an original story

Hi, everyone. I want to start writing blog posts again and this seemed like a nice place to start. I’m subscribed to several WordPress blogs, including a fairly new one. It revolves around a genre of anime (Japanese animation) called “magical girl.” As the title implies, the genre focuses on girls and women who receive superpowers, often revolving around magic. I am not much of an anime fan, but I’m trying to get into it, mostly with the help of my sister.

The new blog in question belongs to a friend of mine. It is an original “magical girl” story that features interesting characters, unique powers, and what looks to be a very suspenseful mystery. I highly recommend this blog to all of my friends. “ElectricNova”, the author, is very talented. I’m Zachary Krishef and I hope that you have an excellent day!