Zach Recommends #1: Mahou Shoujo L’incandescent – an original story

Hi, everyone. I want to start writing blog posts again and this seemed like a nice place to start. I’m subscribed to several WordPress blogs, including a fairly new one. It revolves around a genre of anime (Japanese animation) called “magical girl.” As the title implies, the genre focuses on girls and women who receive superpowers, often revolving around magic. I am not much of an anime fan, but I’m trying to get into it, mostly with the help of my sister.

The new blog in question belongs to a friend of mine. It is an original “magical girl” story that features interesting characters, unique powers, and what looks to be a very suspenseful mystery. I highly recommend this blog to all of my friends. “ElectricNova”, the author, is very talented. I’m Zachary Krishef and I hope that you have an excellent day!


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