Comedy: An Unprofessional Rant About Mr. James Patterson’s “Maximum Ride” Series


“Maximum Ride Forever” will arrive in May. So, what to say? Well, it seems like this trainwreck of a series WILL be going on forever at this rate! Oh, you say it’s the final book, Patterson? I’ll believe it when I see it! AGH! So this book takes place after the apocalypse at the end of the previous book, previously the final book? The characters were finally happy! Sure, it made no sense, but at least something happened to conclude the series!

Questions about the end will be answered? Oh, yeah, like in the previous book. Sure, sure. Just like the last book, a lot of hype and a ton of nonsensical plot twists. Broken flock? I am interested, as I was unhappy with that at the end of the previous book. Maybe that part will be satisfactory.

Finally, you couldn’t be content with inserting current trends in the fourth-onward books. Love triangles? SURE! Angst? To be fair, that was in the previous books, but we’ll wrap it up here! Wait…I just realized something. The age of supernatural books being the new thing is slowly dying out. Dystopian books are popular now. The apocalyptic world could be dystopian. Well, at least this might not be as bad as other dystopian books.


The chance for a good ending to the series. A proper one that respects the characters.


I’ll read it. If I like it, I like it. If I dislike it, I dislike it. It can’t be the worst book I’ve ever read. Please, stick to the Confession…series, Mr. Patterson. Please. You are best when you collaborate with other authors.

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