SPOILER-FREE REVIEW: The Simpsons S26 E6 “Simpsorama”

I am not the biggest fan of The Simpsons. I hardly like the main characters and my only main reason for continuing to watch it revolves around the satire and the recurring characters. Futurama is my favorite out of the two. I love the science jokes, the main characters, and most of the recurring characters. I’m happy to see Futurama return, even if it is only in a crossover.

The Good:

At least every main character from Futurama had a line,  I actually liked the main characters from The Simpsons, and it did what only two prior episodes of The Simpsons could do. Make me feel emotionally attached to the main characters. It was hilarious, the background jokes were funny, and the minor references to past events in Futurama were enough to make me squeal like the goofy fan I am. (Darn you, writers! Don’t remind me of “Jurassic Bark” again! It’s so sad.)

The Bad:

Like every episode of The Simpsons, if you’ve read the main synopsis of the episode, then you know what’s going to happen for the first and partially second acts of the episode. To be fair, it may have been my fault for watching the clips that were made available pre-premiere.

Secondly, it was too short. I know, I know, everyone might say that, but I still wish that I could see more of Futurama. At least we got to see it one last time.

Final  Thoughts:

Sad, hilarious, and nostalgic. I tip my hat to Matt Groening for making this happen! A+


2 thoughts on “SPOILER-FREE REVIEW: The Simpsons S26 E6 “Simpsorama”

  1. Oh wow, the Simpsons and Futurama really do bring back memories to those days where all I’d do when I get home from school was watch them. They were like my favourite shows, omg! I actulally haven’t seen them in ages–not sure if I would still like them now.

    Great post! <33

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