Zach Recommends: The Looney Teen Writer!

I have an odd habit of occasionally remembering small tidbits from books that I have perused in the past. However, I can’t remember the title or the author in most of these cases. I then go about searching through the Internet to find that book and read it again.

Recently, it took me one and a half days to find The Kingdom Of Strange, a book from my middle school years. (I recommend it, incidentally.) While searching, I came across a WordPress blog called The Looney Teen Writer. It is comprised of reviews, humorous fake summaries for books, lists pertaining to books, and literature-related posts. I love it.

It makes me laugh, it introduces me to new books, and the author responds to commenters. I highly recommend this blog. It earns my stamp of approval. Have an excellent day!

Next Time: “Miscellaneous Soup” fails to get the stamp of approval because the author keeps forgetting to update it.


2 thoughts on “Zach Recommends: The Looney Teen Writer!

  1. Yes, Emily’s blog is a delight to read! I especially love those synopsis’ she writes for books, hehe

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