Miscellaneous Soup Throughout The Years: Reminiscing For Fun

I remember when I first made this blog. Actually, strictly speaking, i only remember the circumstances, not the time. Okay, one quick search later and Miscellaneous Soup first became real on November 8th, 2009. I was at a Bigby’s with Dad. If I remember correctly, he mentioned blogs. I asked if I could start one, he agreed, and this was created. Here is an approximate timeline of the evolution of this blog.

Miscellaneous Soup, 2009-2010: A Baby

I would post random information about myself. Stories, fun trivia facts, inappropriately short posts that served no real purpose.

Miscellaneous Soup, 2011: The Toddler Years

I got more into posting random stories that I would make up on the spot, often with the help of my sister. I used Zarion as a pseudonym for “Internet Safety.”

Miscellaneous Soup, 2012-13: Morphing Into A Monster

I eventually took stories that I made up in my head and combined them with the blog, created a random series of things with no coherence. I was the only one who would get the joke. Definitely not optimal blogging if I want people to actually read this. As my sense of humor changed and I learned more about different forms of media, my sketches and jokes would change. One particularly shameful period was a sketch series about the recurring Aquaman characters. It was a blatant Simpsons ripoff. For a short period of time, I gave up blogging because I simply ran out of ideas. I simply felt that I was churning out whatever popped into my head in a bad way. Not the ‘Whee, I’m making random stories!” way, but the “Oh, no! I wanted to blog but I forgot! Here, I’ll make a random post with three sentences.” In essence, the quality went away, but the quantity remained, much like the Maximum Ride series or current episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. (ZING!) Also, I began doing poorly-written Saturday Night Live reviews, partially in character as two people, partially stream-of-consciousness, and mostly awful.

However, my creativity returned and I began blogging again. Last year, an English assignment revolved around creating a political blog. (zachgetspolitical.wordpress.com, if you feel so inclined to argue with me. Please don’t argue with me. I like happiness on the web, not senseless yelling. Well, unless it’s amusing. I’m getting off-topic.) I started making political posts and Miscellaneous Soup began anew. I shed the hidden inside jokes, recurring characters, and identity of Zarion Kreena. (Zarion is trapped in my basement, chained to the wall. Comment if you want him to return! ^_^) Instead, I started posting pictures of my face and actually revealing minor things about myself.

Inspired by Doug Walker (blip.tv/the-nostalgia-critic, assuming the URL is correct) I started doing book reviews, first of nostalgic books. Unfortunately, I panicked and stop doing them. Why? I set too many rules for myself and burned out. The Book Bag may return in time, but only if I really feel that I can do it.

Now, MiscellaneousSoup still has posts, when I remember to do so. (I need to remind myself somehow. Any ideas? Comment!) Even so, it continues to be what I initially promoted it as. A miscellaneous soup (TITLE DROP!!!) of whatever pops into my head. I will continue to post, because it is fun. Give me ideas, if you want to!

Still, the most important thing will always remain true. In the five years, two months, and six days that this blog has been alive, I still have no idea how to get the capital “I” away from my title. I’ve tried everything, darn it! I will forever be seen as a maker of typos by potential readers!

Have an excellent day, readers! Please, remind me to keep posting! Throw bricks through my window, comment, stalk me online, write poems!


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