(MADE MONTHS AGO, POSTING NOW)Eight Day Chanukah Challenge, Day One: A Song Parody

Eight Days More

by Zachary Krishef (Sung to the tune of One Day More, from Les Miserables)

Eight days more!

Another holiday, another festival!

This never-ending stream of holidays!

The latkes taste so sublime,

Why we don’t eat them year-around- it’s a crime!

Eight days more!

Songs of making dreidels out of clay,

nearly all the rhymes have been charted!

Eight days more!

On the twenty-fifth, the latkes will be put away,

The Passover cleaning will be started!

Eight more days with my family…

Will we ever find zen?

One more day with present sharing,

Always remember to say thank you!

Taking family photos on Dad’s smart phone

How technological times change, if only our ancestors knew…

Eight more days of the new norm!

See how the menorah glows…

Latkes with applesauce, yum!

Lighting candles with nary a care…

Daylight savings don’t affect the norm…

Hiding presents, avoiding a curious stare…

Will you watch the Rugrats Chanukah special with me?

The time is now, the days are here!

Eight days more!

Eight more days of celebration!

We will mash the potato spud!

We’ll be ready for the special dinner tonight!

Stop imitating Elmer Fudd!

Eight days more!

Light those candles now,

Don’t burn the latkes,

Never break the decorations!

Tell the traditional tales!

Take a little trip

Talk to the relatives

Spread the customs

Put down that phone!

Eight days until a regular week!

Then the New Year comes!

Everyone will feast like kings

There’s always a new tale to be spun!

Do you hear the relatives sing?

They want more latkes!

Eight days more!

Yes, I know that this wasn’t the best song parody. None of my are, with the potential exception of “Elect Me Maybe.” Have an excellent day!


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