PARODY: DuckTales Theme Song- REBOOTED!

This is a special message from the executives at Disney. Yesterday, we announced the reboot of DuckTales, to positive reception. However, some people have expressed concerns that we will ‘ruin’ the classic show by modernizing it, despite our  saying that it will keep the spirit of the original show. To appease your worries, we have decided to release a sneak preview of the new theme song.

DuckTales Reboot

Life is full of neat swag

Here in Duckburg

Star Wars, iPads, Marvel Comics

It’s a duck-blur

Might solve a mystery

Or rewrite history

DuckTales (REBOOT!)

We’re back, your favorite show!

DuckTales (REBOOT!)

This can’t possibly be bad!

DuckTales (REBOOT!)

We can also announce at this time that the theme song will be performed by Taylor Swift and rendered in dubstep.


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