Rough Script: MiscellaneousSoup: The Radio Show HALLOWEEN PREMIERE!

Hey, everyone. My on-campus radio show, Miscellaneous Soup, began for the second year in a row today. Just for fun, I decided to write a little scripted intro on the spur of the moment. I thought of it while eating dinner and quickly typed it up before the show. Here’s my very rough script for the introduction, not counting the ad-libbing.


James: (whispering) Hey, Billy, wake up! (beat) HEY!

Billy: (sleepily, nasal) Quiet, James, I’m trying to sleep.

James: Wake up! There’s something really neat that I have to show you.

Billy: (grumpily) …What?

James: I saw a light outside my window and it told me to come outside! It can speak, and it might be an alien or something.

Billy: You’re just seeing things. I told you not to eat all that Halloween candy. Can you turn that flashlight off and leave?

James: It’s not a flashlight, it’s the ORB! See?!

Billy: WHOA! Okay, I’m coming with you.

(a few minutes later; cricket chirping, owls)

James: Ugh, it’s cold outside. Look, look!

Billy: It’s going by that tree! Do you see anything?

James: No, I don’t. Wait…I think I see a shadow or something…What’s that?


Me: MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA! Vwelcome to Miscellaneous Soup’s second season premiere! Prepare yourselves, AQ Sound listeners, for the FRIGHT OF YOUR LIVES! AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHA!

(‘Radioactive’ starts playing)


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