School Assigned Spin-Off!

Hey, readers! (If anyone reads this! Nat, if you’re reading this, comment with the phrase “MONKEYS.”) I haven’t been posting recently, but I have a lot of ideas! But, today, the topic is something completely different. School has been good (more on that later), and I received a fascinating English 11 assignment. We have to create a blog, and make four specific posts on it.

  • An editorial
  • Something satirical
  • A response to a current event
  • Analyzing a current image in society

Fun! So, I have created a spin-off blog called Zach Gets Current! You can find it here:

Also, I’m on Fanfiction! (More on that later) Have an excellent day!


Orientation, Lord Of The Flies-Style!!

Hello, hello, hello. I am currently at my school. I like my school. However, that is not the reason for being here over the summer. The reason is Chemistry. I failed the first semester. (insert sad face here) 


Wait, I just heard that orientation starts in eight minutes. In that case, I’m wrong about the title of this post. Oh, well. Here’s the story:

We were supposed to come inside at 8:30, but we didn’t. The end. I exaggerated. I’m just making this post as a way to kill time and stress. For Miscellaneous Soup, I’m Zachary Krishef. Have an excellent day. I’m terrified. Eight minutes until CHEMISTRY….

My Dog Likes To KILL!!!!

Short thoughts today. Not much time left.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not College:

No, not THAT college. Sheesh. Anyway, due to refrigerator issues, la comida es cerca de (the food is close to) my room. It’s just like college all over again! Except I never went to college


That’s rude! I’m only in eleventh grade! You’re mean, Miscellaneous Soup!


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Original (Satirical) Song: “I’m a CHEATER!”

Somebody I Used To Copy Off: An Original Song  By Zachary Krishef 

Now and then I remember the times I had tests and quizzes

They were really hard; I never knew what to do

I didn’t study at all- Too busy playing video games!

So I looked over someone’s shoulder and COPIED!


I cheated, I cheated, I cheated so much!

From dawn to dusk I spied on my seat neighbor!

His name was Fred, and he was an academic genius!

Too busy studying to see I was copyin’


In preschool, I cheated on my building blocks test.

Stole some counterfeit blocks from the neighborhood kids

Made the word “academic” and got a gold star



In kindergarten, we had nap time.

I CHEATED on my nap time!

Stole a pillow, and pretended it was my head!

When the pillow was caught, I thought I was dead!

Got away with it, now I cheat every day!



Fred is my seat neighbor, again

Blocks his tests with a folder

I HAVE A PERISCOPE! (I’m a cheater….)


I’m a CHEATER, I’m a CHEATER, I’m a CHEATER so much!

It’s fun, it’s easy, and I never get in trouble!

See, kids- Never do your own work!

Now I have a job and I’m cheating on my taxes!


Fred is my boss- he figured out I was cheating.

Getting fired now, karma got to me

IRS is interrogating me, I say I’m not a member of the Tea Party (Note: Yes, this is a heavy-handed attempt at current event satire. Just go with it; This is a satirical song.)

In jail now and I feel sad.


This is just to show you

Cheating is for losers!

I thought I was a winner, now I’m on death row!

The End

**Note: I have never cheated, but I know it will not end up with you on Death Row. Still, don’t cheat. -Zach